Mid-Year LIFE Check-In

According to the internet, July 2 marked the official half way mark for 2019. I cannot believe in six months it will be the year 2020.


In the last six months my youngest turned 11, I turned 35, my sister turned 30 and my husband turned 40. I officially started a new position at work and a co-worker friend made her dream come true.

I completed my Goodreads reading challenge and lost absolutely no weight. (I somehow gained two pounds in the last few months)

My daughter completed Elementary School studies and my son is off to High School.

I was reminded that people do not change.

In April I took a 30-day break from Instagram and it really changed the way I approached social media. More recently I also got into scheduling my content (blog post to come on this) which has helped tremendously.

After discovering bullet-journaling a year ago, I only really got a grasp on it in the last few months and it has been life changing in regards to my productivity.

Someone I always considered a best friend I am almost positive went through most likely a nasty divorce, but we lost touch shortly after. I wish her nothing but the best; hopefully we cross paths again in life.

Thanks to YouTube I discovered Gary Vee and he is my absolute hero. I love listening to his podcasts.

I have been making a real effort to do the thing that scare me and make me uncomfortable.


Realistically, I want to meet new people. People I really have something in common with. People that I can conversate with outside of my DM box. I want friends goddamn it!

There has been a book club out of one of my local libraries while thus far there has only been one book I was at all interested in. I read it (rather quickly too) and then came up with a reason to not go to the meetup that month. I want to make it to a meetup one month.

And of course, lose weight.

How was the first six months of the year gone for you? Do you have anything you want to accomplish in the next six months?


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