Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope

Instead of being about the individual, Everything is Fucked. A Book About Hope is about society and how…. we’re fucked.

Mark Manson is the author of the already popular The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck which is really the only reason I picked his new book up. I got so much from The Subtle Art I figured whatever this one had to say I would get something from as well. I don’t follow his blog, but my understanding is both books pulled a lot from his blog entries.

Hope requires everything to be fucked. Hope depends on the destruction of something that is. Hope requires something to be broken.

My biggest take away from this book was that HOPE is a relative concept.

While there were many stories about how HOPE is dependent on perspective the best explanation is PANDORA’S BOX. Manson writes, “what if hope is not the antidote to evil. What if hope is another form of evil. What if hope just got left in the box. The Nazi genocide. Hitler HOPED to exterminate the Jews. Hope can help save a life and take a life. The difference is not always clear”.

I listened to this one on audio-book and when I heard that explanation I had to listen to it at least three more times (especially since I was trying to write it all down). This idea of hope is relative. It is all our prospective; our prospective will change a million times over our life time. The easiest way to put this is that what we HOPED for as kids is not what we HOPE for as adults. What I am HOPING for now will not be what I am hoping for five years from now – I will be a completely different person when that time comes.

We are emotional beings. We do or don’t do things because of how we FEEL. Whether we FEEL like it or not.

Manson explains that we have two brains: the thinking brain and the feeling brain. How a lot of time we go with our thinking brain but we should not ignore our feeling brain. Our feeling brain is impulsive and instinctive, we are taught at an early age to put our thinking brain in charge. (Not a joke, Google that shit) Our feeling brain is just as important as our thinking brain. But because we have been programmed to put our thinking brain in charge “our tolerance for pain as a society is diminishing”.

Pain is the experience. The pursuit of happiness is impossible, it’s like trying to catch a carrot strapped to your back. You turn yourself into the means to get there.

We only learn when we fall and mess up. Too many of us now are afraid of falling and “getting it wrong”. But that is where we learn. That is where we grow. That is where happiness can be found.


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