Stop Being So Offended by Everything

To be offended is a choice we make.

It’s okay to not like someone or something.

Something has happened in our culture where if you are not for something you are automatically against it. And God help you if you are not for something.

You are allowed to not like women.

You are allowed to not like gay, lesbian or transgender people.

You are allowed to not like black or brown people.

You are allowed to not like certain religions.

You are allowed to not like the President of the United States.

Yes, you are an ignorant asshole.. but despite popular belief, you are allowed to not like someone or something for no real reason. Or, for a very real reason in your eyes. But let me be clear, just because you do not like someone or their lifestyle does not give you permission to invoke violence towards or upon them.

Personally, the general human population makes me ill. But I still get up and go to work everyday and help them.

I was scrolling through my Instagram stories the other day and someone re-shared something about Nicholas Sparks. Supposedly he is homophobic and was against a LGBTQ club at some faith-based school he was a founder of. It sounds pretty shitty but it’s his school, he can include or exclude whomever he wants.

All of a sudden “everyone” in the reading community was boycotting Nicholas Sparks and his books. One post I saw was even talking about his books all include only all white and straight characters….


I’m confused. Straight white characters I would assume are all he knows. And if gay people make him uncomfortable, why would he write a book including characters that are gay? If he did he’d be drug through the mud for misrepresenting a gay relationship.

I read a book once by a very popular (white) female author. One of the main characters of the book was a black female. I don’t think the author did a great job representing a successful black woman, but it wasn’t awful. But you could tell, it was something she had no experience or knowledge in. And that’s okay, but it does not make it a “great book” because this woman stepped outside of her reality to write a book.

Personally, I feel like to each their own. Do you boo. But I don’t feel like everyone needs to include everyone or every lifestyle choice. Not everyone needs to diversify. Should everyone be tolerate of others, yes.

If I want to read a book, or watch a movie that portrays certain social or lifestyle situations I know where to go. I would not expect my favorite authors or creators to change the way they do things. They are my favorites for a reason. If they started doing things differently just to appease the masses I might not feel the same way about them.

I guess all I am trying to say is that IT IS OKAY. It is okay that everyone is not as diverse as you think you are.

Accept what you stand behind and disregard what you don’t.

For those that are suddenly boycotting Nicholas Sparks – I think it’s silly, but hey, do you. You have been reading his work for all these years and it just dawned on you that you’ve never seen a gay character. That all his characters are white. I noticed a number of years ago most, if not all, of his books take place down South. Should I stop reading his books because he does not represent the New England or the West Coast?


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