The Stillwater Girls | BOOKS

There are two stories running parallel to one another in The Stillwater Girls by Mina Kent.

Nicolette wants nothing more to be a mother. Her and her husband discover well into their marriage that she is unable to have kids. After several failed attempts at becoming parents Nicolette has decided she wants to a foster parent. Her husband is seemingly uninterested and distracted. Nicolette feels he is pulling away.

Meanwhile, deep in the woods located behind their home there are two girls that have been abandoned in a shack by their mother. The girls were taught to never leave the woods. But after months alone with limited supplies the girls are forced to leave and the first home they come across is the home of Nicolette and her husband.

Nicolette takes the girls and…. I am sure if you watched enough Lifetime you could probably guess what happens but I can tell you you are probably wrong.

The book was engaging even though I was SURE I knew what was going to happen. And honestly, I was unpleasantly surprised.

Aside from the ending being unrealistic, which is okay, it just seemed to have too many moving pieces. When I reached the end I found I had a whole hell of a lot of different questions than I had during most of the book.

I don’t read many “psychological thrillers”, but is that what is supposed to happen? Are you supposed to have more questions than answers.

I went into this one with little to no expectations and while I was engaged and curious to see how these different stories would intertwine I was not overall happy with the ending. I felt like there was more that could have been explained.


Thank you to Goodreads, Mina Kent, Amazon Publishing and Thomas & Mercer for a free copy of this digital book.

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