“Don’t waste your life up there.” | LIFE

Misery loves company. It is something I say all the time. I hate that I say it but I feel like it is a phrase that encompasses so much.

I don’t promote people settling but I am an advocate of seeing the good in things. Even if those things are not something you ever envisioned.

I am a Civil Service employee. A public servant. I am a Police Dispatcher. In the words of one of my former dispatch co-workers, “no one sets out to be a dispatcher. No one grows up thinking they want to be a dispatcher”.

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It is not glamorous in any sense. On paper, you don’t need a degree or any great skill in order to do it. It is a hard job. You get shit on all day, every day. The public thinks less of you because you are not an officer. Most Officers don’t respect your job. There is very little chance for advancement, if any, in most departments. And the hours are usually shit. I refuse to get into how hard it just dealing with the public during what is sometimes the worst times in their life. No one likes the Police. No one calls the Police when life is good.

But being that lifeline for someone in their time of crisis is an unbelievable feeling. Knowing you made someone’s day just by sending an Officer to help them get into their car they locked themselves out of. Helping a frantic parent find their lost child.

Being a Police dispatcher; there are definitely more hard times than good times but the impact of the good times out weigh all of the bad days. There have been days when everyone is just so nasty. The calls are so stressful; there are not enough cops on the road. Out of nowhere someone will call looking for really simple help and they genuinely thank you for your help. In those moments, everything that happened before that is gone. I realized I am doing the job for those moments, no matters how fleeting they are.

I have to assume that is probably the same for any profession. There are plenty of jobs I would never want; that I would never something that people could do for a long time. But I would never tell someone, especially someone I don’t even know, don’t waste your life….

No matter how much we like to think we know each other, especially our co-workers we don’t. The smiling, seemingly perfect pictures we all post on Facebook don’t even scratch the surface on how well we know each other. If we were all as happy as we seem online we would not be going to work talking shit about our husbands and wives the way that some of us do. If we were as happy as people think we were we would not have to prove our happiness to others.

The kind of people who say these things are the people who are in fact miserable with their own lives – whether they know it or not. They are the ones who on paper know they pretty much have it all but are suffering and unhappy so they “take it out” on the perceived little guy.

Don’t take your shit out on other people.

Brene Brown

Just because I am not flipping burgers or cleaning bathroom toilets does not mean I think I am better than those that do. Are either of those things anything I would want to do, no. But I think I have set up my life in such a way where I would hopefully not have to do those things.

There are plenty of jobs out there that are seemingly beneath you. Just because the job is beneath you does not make the job less than. The job is providing a roof over someone’s head and food on the table. The job is paying off loans and helping to provide for a family. The job is providing the ability to send children to college. All of the things that your job does.

It may not be your life, but it is not a wasted life.


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