Saturday Morning at the Bar | HEALTH & FITNESS

There has been a class at the gym I have been eyeballing for awhile. Eyeballing mostly because it scares me, and like most things that are new to us, we don’t want to look like an idiot doing it.

Group Power. Other places I have seen it referred to as BODYPUMP.

It is a group strength training class. In a lot less words, it is a weightlifting class.

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Like most women, weight training scares me. I have no fucking clue what I am doing and I really am not trying to hurt myself. Whenever I have tried weights I either under do it or over do it and I am so stressed out by the whole process that it’s MONTHS before I do it again. I have always felt like an asshole because I don’ know what I’m doing and everyone else around me seems to be experts.

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There tends to be one of these classes before whatever group class I am actually taking and I always wonder why don’t I ever just try and take the class. While making the classes during the week are tough, there are classes on Saturday AND Sunday morning; I should really give it a try one of these days.

On Saturday mornings, right before the kickboxing class I started taking is one of these group weightlifting classes. During my Instagram break there was a Saturday I would not have time to take kickboxing or cycle (which were my normal Saturday morning workouts; I alternated Saturdays because of course they’re at the same time)… but I really wanted to get my workout in. I finally said, what the fuck, and just I’ll go to the class. What is the worse that can happen: I hate it and never do it again. Won’t be any different than what I’ve been doing by not taking it.

You could probably guess by this post that I did not actually hate it. I loved it. I was sore as fuck the next day, but I really enjoyed the class. It was so different than the other classes I had been taking and I was incorporating strength training into my routine which I heard should be done anyway. I had someone telling me what I should be doing to decent music.

Throughout the class the instructor tells you whether you should be using more or less weights and it is up to you to put on or take off what you need. And like some of the other classes, what the instructor suggests is just that… a suggestion.

Since I have not had to tote around babies, baby carriers or strollers in awhile my upper body strength is shot. I can’t lift much compared to what I can do with my lower half. But I felt completely comfortable using less or smaller weights when it came to certain upper body stuff.

All I am saying is, try something. Yeah, you might hate it but it beats wondering.

Before I joined this gym I went to one that had similar classes but the only one I could get into was the dance/Zumba classes. The gym I’m currently at, I can’t stand the Zumba classes and simply don’t take them. (A good Zumba class is hard to find)

The demographics between the two gyms are completely different, along with the atmosphere which could be why I am more comfortable in one set over classes over another. But, at least I tried. It all started with a Cycle class my friend drug me to years ago… I had never taken a cycle class but had been wanting to try it. I was not super comfortable in her gym but eventually found one that I was comfortable in that offered Cycling (the one I am currently a member of). From Cycling I tried their HIIT/Step Class then their Pilates… Kickboxing, Yoga and currently Weightlifting. And I have mostly successfully incorporated them all into my weekly schedule.

I am sure during all of the first few of these classes I looked like I felt. But, I stopped caring. The desire to try the thing was higher than the embarrassment that would come from looking like a fool. (Thank you Gary Vee for hammering this idea home)

Maybe one day I venture into the free weights section of the gym. But for now, needless to say, I look forward to Saturday mornings at the bar.


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