(Almost) 40-hours on One Charge | CHALLENGE

Saturday morning I removed my phone from it’s wireless charging home next to our bed and did not place it back in that spot until Sunday afternoon.

I am not sure if I made it a full 40-hours but I came close. Unintentionally, the phone was charged twice on Saturday.

Saturday the boy had a early 830AM soccer game a few towns over and I needed to use the GPS on my phone to get there. So I plugged the phone into the car in order for the map to display on the screen and I immediately realize SHIT, the phone was charging. I am aware I could have just not plugged the phone in and allowed the GPS to read out the directions over the bluetooth… but I didn’t.

When we came home from the game, and running errands on Saturday I decided I was going to take a nap on the couch. I fell asleep with my daughter playing on my phone (which I am still confused how that happened; the child has an ipod AND an ipad…). At one point I woke up briefly and realized she was still on my phone. I wanted to conserve the battery; I had no intention on putting it back on the charger until the next day still. I told her to put my phone down and I immediately fell back asleep. When I woke up some time later (no clue how long I slept for but clearly I needed it) I did not see my phone on the coffee table. Where the hell did she put my phone? I sat up and saw that she had put it on the wireless charger we keep in the living room.

Image result for doh gif

I could not be upset with her. I never told her, or anyone else in my family, that I was doing this. She thought she was doing the right thing.

I quickly removed the phone from the charger and proceeded to make my grocery delivery order because I decided actual grocery shopping at the store was not happening on Saturday.

The phone got no more juice after that.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. I wrote about my mother’s day feelings… but otherwise it was nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up to about 30-40% on my phone. I knew I had to be more careful with my usage on Sunday. Surprisingly I made it until about dinner time on Sunday before I plugged the phone in. Around dinner time it yelled at me that I had a low battery at 10% and I know from past experience once it gets to 10% phones drain pretty quickly. And I was getting all the messages and phone calls because it was Mother’s Day.

I only charged it in the car from the drive from the house to the restaurant we went to. A maybe five minute drive. My battery percentage only went up one percentage.

When we got home from dinner I finally just put the phone back on it’s charging base in the bedroom. I was going to shower and get ready for bed. My daughter and I were going to watch a documentary in the bedroom so I knew I was done for the night.

Overall, I think the challenge was a success even if the phone got charged accidentally a few times. I was definitely more aware of how and when I was using the phone because I did not want to have to charge it before I went to bed on Sunday. I did use social media but it was very sparingly. There was no mindless scrolling. When I did get onto any particular app it was with intention. A great amount of intention. And I know this because I have a screen time limit set up on the weekends for Instagram and Facebook. 20 minutes on Saturday and 20 minutes on Sunday. Last weekend I went over that limit with Instagram. Neither Saturday or Sunday this weekend did I even get the five minute time reminder.

Over the weekend I took photos and texted. I was able to check in on some social media sites. I use my phone primarily for music and audio books and was able to do that as well. For the most part I used my phone as I normally would except in my head I knew I did not want to waste battery life on needless scrolling or Google searches.

I’d say give it a try. If you’re scared about your battery life lasting for two days, try just a day. Or maybe don’t just throw your phone on the charger in the car or when you step in the door. It will be okay for a few hours without being charged. You will definitely think differently about using your phone when you know you are unable to charge it.


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