Weight Watchers: TWO MONTHS

Two months in and I’m ready to cancel my subscription.

Not because it’s not working but because it’s not a fit for me.

Two months in I have lost and gained the same three’ish pounds.

The weeks I was able to stay well within my points I did not lose, I actually gained. The weeks I said fuck it I actually lost.

My only justification for this is that my workouts are much harder than most people who use this system. My weekly fit goal started at 27 points and I smashed that week one. After two weeks of that the website suggested I up my weekly fit goal to 39 points. As I write this, I am currently at 51 points for the week.

I only workout a few days a week. But one workout easily gets me 13 fit points. I sit at a desk all day otherwise. But I know when you work out hard you need to replenish. At least I do. If you I don’t, my body goes into starvation mode.

I’ve been playing with the system for the last two months. Finding out what works for me. Eating more zero point foods when I’m hungry for a snack, and basing my meals on the zero point food and going from there.

While my weight has stayed pretty much the same my clothes are fitting better. I am stronger. And those are things the scale does not show, or measure. What I’m doing I’m pretty sure is working without counting points even though it not very noticeable on the outside.

My subscription just renewed for another month. I’m torn. Do I cancel it now and pay the $40 cancellation fee. Or let the subscription go into the end of my commitment period in August and spend an extra $20 overall.


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