Instagram Detox: WEEK THREE

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It took almost a SOLID three weeks for my sister, with whom I am extremely close with, to realize I was not on Instagram. And I don’t think she even realized; she asked me if I got something she sent me on Instagram and I told her I was not on Instagram.

Thanks for noticing sissy poo.

Of course she then asked when this started and I had to inform her on April 1. Yes, two weeks ago, thanks for noticing. She sent me the appropriate curious emojis and conversation continued as normal until I think it really hit her that I was not actually on Instagram and have not been. She immediately said: Wait Jen so what do you do now.

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I did not know what to say. I was stumped. I started typing so many different responses and then deleted them. It seemed like all of my responses bordered on being a smart ass. Like outside of work and taking care of my family what else would I be doing other than scrolling social media. It’s like my sister forgot that I am an avid reader (even though I have yet to barely make it through half the book I started at the beginning of the month) and did not realize that I was talking about a lot more television shows and movies lately. Or neglected all the projects I was doing around the house that I have been sharing in our group chat with our mother. But all I managed to say after the thought process and deleting every possible response was, not being distracted by Instagram.

She did not say a word after that.

No one ever does.

Taking a break from social media is one of those things that I have found people do not understand. Even my father, who is not actually on any social media, was curious why I was taking a break from Instagram.

I find it hard to explain when looking at someone’s furrowed brow that this constant connectivity is a distraction. It is holding a lot of us back from doing what we really want or should be doing in life. The FEAR OF MISSING OUT is a real thing that I have spoken about before. I honestly think a lot of people are in denial as to what they are actually doing. They do not see how harmful all that mindless scrolling is.

What I thought would happened actually happened. No one even noticed I was missing. I was always in my stories or sending funny posts before I took the break. No one even noticed.

The same night that this realization occurred I got a piece of mail that surprised me. I was working an evening shift and upon entering the kitchen and looking through the mail that my husband left for me I saw a return address for an Etsy shop I have purchased from in the past. The owner of the Etsay shop is actually someone I befriended on Instagram last year when I rejoined with my public account. She was actually someone I would message on a regular basis on different topics.

I actually have missed our messages and was bummed it never occurred to me to get her email or phone number to keep in touch during these few weeks considering she does live that far away from me either.

So when I saw the return address I immediately started wondering what I forgot that I bought from her only to open the envelope and find a very thoughtful card.


Someone did realize I was missing. 🙂

Even though I did mention it on my public page that I was taking a break. It’s nice to know that someone actually was paying attention and thought enough about me to go out of her way and send me a card (with a bookmark).

There still are good people out there.

Three weeks in, I am not on my phone any less but I am definitely using my phone differently. With a lot more intention.


Ashley is one of the kindest people on Instagram I have met. She has a Etsy account where she makes the cutest bookmarks. I definitely recommend checking her store out.

Specially, Handcrafted Custom Bookmarks

  1. I’m really enjoying your reports! This one is very interesting. Cal Newport in his book Digital Minimalism (which I highly recommend!) says we should try to take a 30-day social media break but without announcing it because people will hardly notice. And this is true! I share so many silly memes on Stories every day (my time spent on the Explore page is embarrassing!) and I receive lots of replies and reactions but I bet nobody would notice my absence. Which, if you think about it, is a bit sad but it’s how social media work, I guess.

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    1. Yes. I read his book last month. I didn’t get as much as I was hoping to get from the book because I was already down the path when the pre-ordered landed on my kindle. His book actually propelled me to do this 30 day break. I can’t believe it’s almost over. April seemed so long on the first, haha.

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