Easter | LIFE

Are you ready for Easter Jenna?

We don’t really do Easter.

You don’t do Easter. What does that mean?

We just don’t do Easter.

Does that mean you’re against Jesus?


You’re just against his rising?

No. We just don’t do Easter.

(Silence from the peanut gallery)

I am not a religious person. I was not raised in the church. I was never baptized or christened or whatever you want to call it.

When I asked my father about this when I was a kid he said both he and my mother were both forced into the church and they decided they would let their children decide what religion, if any, they would follow. So, I never got into it.

I have my opinions about it. But, to each their own.

Easter is a religious holiday.

We used to somewhat celebrate it as a child but it was never a big deal. My sister and I would wake up to baskets overflowing with candy. When we were much younger we would even get dressed up and go visit family. (I’m talking those cheesy white fake straw hats and everything) My mom still gets me a packaged of peeps to this day. 😌

When my own kids were much younger my husband and I would fill plastic Easter eggs with candy and hide them throughout the house. Weather permitting we would hide some outside for them too. One year I even dressed up as the Easter bunny for their daycare!

Then, while they were still pretty little and I thought it was okay to be “friends” with everyone I ever met in real life on Facebook I saw one mother’s Easter gifts for her kids….

It look like Christmas without all the pretty wrapping paper and tree. It was disgusting the amount of shit this woman got for her kids for Easter. I don’t know if that’s how Easter was for everyone else when I was growing up. Or if that’s how it was for all my own kid’s classmates but after that I never looked at Easter the same.

The kids eventually outgrew the Easter egg hunts and they seemingly didn’t know a difference. And I just let it go. They never asked about it. Never hinted to it.

I know what you’re thinking. Easter is just as religious as Christmas. And you are right. And I am not a fan of Christmas for the same reasons – I’m not religious. Not that I am trying to make any kind of excuse, but Christmas has gone from a religious holiday to “the season of giving”. I do make sure we have a tree and that the kids have gifts to open on Christmas morning but they are modest gifts that I keep within a budget.

Personally, I would rather go crazy on their birthdays than Christmas, or any other holiday. Birthdays are their days. I can get behind celebrating birthdays. Maybe I say this because my son’s birthday is a few months before Christmas, and my daughter’s is a week after. But I cannot in good faith celebrate something I do not necessarily believe in or give the proper homage to.

If you and your family celebrate Easter, that is great. HAPPY EASTER!

If you don’t, that is okay too.

But whether you do, or you do not, do it for your own reasons and in your own way. Not the way society tells you you should.


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