Instagram Detox: TWO WEEKS.

I hope your read the title in that annoying SpongeBob narrator voice. That’s how I envisioned it would be read.

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Let me start this off by saying I cheated. Yes. I am not particularly proud of myself but it was kind of by accident. Did you know you could access Instagram through a browser? I didn’t. Hence my discretion.

Overall though. It’s going okay. I’m not even going to pretend to like I have been super productive and motivated without the distraction. I feel like that’s what happens to most people; or at least that’s what they say.

I’ve actually been less motivated to read or workout. Ha. Both things that I did pretty regularly when I was on Instagram. I don’t have anyone to share my workouts or reading with. And I know. I should not be doing things for other people. But like most people, they want to share their achievements and the things they are proud of.

Yes. I am proud of myself for getting up at 5AM and making the 6AM Cycle class twice a week. Yeah, look what I’m doing. It’s really hard for me, but look at what I’m doing.

In regards to my reading. I would hate seeing all of the same books all over IG. I prided myself in reading was not maybe mainstream and included in the latest Book of the Month box. When I don’t have anyone to share my books with and to prove that I’m reading I am feeling less motivated to actually read the books.

It seems all so ridiculous when I put those feelings into words. But I cannot rationalize my lack thereof any other way.

On the positive side, I did manage to COMPLETELY RE-ORGANIZE my kitchen. Completely undistracted. There was no one to share my current moment with. Our kitchen is not that big my any means, but if I had the distraction of IG it would have taken me so much longer than the afternoon I spent doing it. And I just lived in my moment of accomplishment, on my own; by myself.

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There was only a few days in the last two weeks that I really missed IG. It was when my son went on a class trip to Washington DC. He’s not a big poster online but he was going crazy posting on Snap-chat. I could only imagine what he was posting on IG. I wanted to see all the pictures.

I guess you can say I cheated again. But I don’t really count what I am going to tell you…

After my son got home from his trip I was doing a spot check on his phone (checking messages, social media, chats, etc) and I went to Instagram, to his profile and peeped his Washington post.

But that was it.

I am still taking a lot of photos. I keep saying the photos are for all of the blog posts that keep coming to me. I have yet to post said photos.

With two weeks left of the month, I am already thinking about how I want to use my IG accounts going forward…


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