03. Wrap-Up | READING

I did a lot of thinking in March.

Not on purpose. But the books I gravitated towards made me think long and hard about a lot of things. Lately, those seem to be the kind of books I really enjoy. Books that I can something from. Books that teach me something. Books that make me think about the way I am living life.

I guess you could say every book I read in the month of March was a “self-help” book. But I think that is too easy damning of a classification. I like to put them into the category of self-development. I see “self-help” as trying to improve one’s self. While “self-development” I see as developing one’s current state.

I know, six in one, half a dozen in the other.

DIGITAL MINIMALISM. (⭐⭐) This book would have been great for me if I wasn’t already on the path of not only minimalism but also digital minimalism. If you are new to either concept and want to learn how to spend a little more hours off of your phone I would definitely recommend this one. Otherwise, this would probably fall as flat for you as it did for me. Still, a great read; a lot of excellent points I just personally did not get much from it. Full review, here.

THE FLINCH (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) I picked this book up completely on a whim. I have to thank YouTube for this find and for Amazon for it being a $2 book. I wrote a more lengthy review after I read it on the blog, here. Think about the times you literally flinch – it’s the thing that will usually stop you from moving forward. This book talks about embracing that feeling and using it to propel you forward. I’d highly recommend this book to everyone especially when you’re second guessing yourself…

BLINK: THE POWER OF THINKING WITHOUT THINKING. (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) This is the only book I never got around to fully reviewing that I read in March. I actually listened to on audio and it took me pretty much all month because I listened to bits and pieces while I got ready in the morning or as I did housework. This book WILL make you think. It makes you question while are die hard Pepsi or Coke fans. Why it is so surprising when you hear that “perfect” couple is getting a divorce. Logically it all made pretty good sense to me even though I saw some Goodreads reviews dispute the rationale. What really put this book over the top for me was the thought process behind shootings involving Police Officers. As someone who works closely with Law Enforcement Officers I find my place in the world as walking the sharp edge of a knife – I get both sides. The author talked about why Police train the way they do and why seasoned Officers react much differently in situations then Rookie Officers.

GIRL, STOP APOLOGIZING. (⭐⭐⭐⭐) In the last few months I feel like I have talked about Rachel Hollis so much I am starting to make myself sick of her. I pre-ordered this book probably a year ago after I read Girl, Go Wash Your Face. I could get down with everything she was saying, so why would I not support a woman that is kicking ass doing the damn thing. So what that she’s white and has a ridiculous amount of privilege. Does it make what she’s been able to accomplish less than just because of those reasons. Nah Chief. The book would have been a SOLID five star rating for me if I had not watched her documentary on Amazon Prime a month prior to the release of this book. The message was excellent on both platforms but I felt like the book just repeated what she was saying in the film. Full review, here.

CRUSHING IT! (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) I am pretty sure I will be obsessed with this book for a long ass time. I already can’t wait to gift this book to people. It is so spot on with not only business BUT LIFE. Only after my deep obsession with Gary Vaynerchuk began did I realize how late I am to his party but I am so glad I eventually snuck in the backdoor. Even though I am not trying to do this thing I am doing on the internet as a business at this point he really helped me figure out how to use the different platforms to get my words out there. I also listened to this one in audio form and I really think that is the only way to really take in all the information. Full review, here.

I learned so much in March I think I am ready to get back to reading for fun in April. 

Books that stop and make you go hmmm are my favorite.


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