Crushing it! | BOOK

I am not an entrepreneur.

I don’t really have an ambition to be one either. Probably because I have no idea what I would want to do but… this. book. is. everything.

I am envious of people like Gary Vaynerchuk who have a real drive and passion for what they do. He is the first “influencer” (can I even call him that) that I can actually get behind and support. I struggle to even call him an influencer because unlike the rest of the internet, he is not trying to convince his followers to do or buy into anything, or anyone, other than themselves.

I remember seeing his book advised on someone’s YouTube channel quite a few months ago. The creator was going on and on about the book; how she collaborated with the author on the book and we should all pick up this book. I thought she was just trying to sell books to get her piece of the pie.

Fast forward to 2019 and I have fallen in love with Matt D’Avella and his videos. On one of his more recent videos he interviewed this guy GaryVee (or Gary Vaynerchuk) on Minimalism, Hustle and finding Meaning.

I had no clue who this guy was but I could respect his message. I could respect the way he put his message out there, profanities and all. I found out this guy dropping f-bombs on the internet had a book and so like all things I am fascinated by I needed to find a way to get my hands on hi book. Luckily it was part of my Scribd membership and so I spent the next week listening to Crushing It! any moment I could.

I was mesmerized. I was hooked. Never before had I heard someone so authentically tell people to be themselves. That it takes time and patience to do the thing you love and make money doing that thing.

Never before had I really heard someone say that it was okay to go off the beaten path. And not only was it okay, but it was encouraged. Never before had I actually heard the words that my heart said to my mind over and over again; that people are spending so much time and money to impress people they don’t even like. That people are afraid of being judged. That people are buying dumb shit. That people are not really as happy as they portray.

Thankfully, I listened to this book on audio. Like most of these types of books, I do not think it would have hit home if I had written it. Actually listening to Gary’s words, read by Gary touched so many cords in my heart and head.

I have always been off the beaten path. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum, unapologetic about my hobbies and interests…. and then I became an adult in the midst of the social media era. And I have almost always had my very traditional mother in my ear telling me what was and was not acceptable in life. I started to live life according to what was expected. Or at least I tried to. For so many, many years.

I have talked about it before on this site before but some years ago now I had a booktube channel. I really struggled with it for two or three years. I struggled and got frustrated because I was doing all of the things all the really popular booktubers were doing with little to no success. I was really trying to read all of the books but my heard wasn’t into it. Eventually I quit. I was not seeing the return on my investment. I was giving up myself and getting nothing in return. I am still upset with myself that I quit.

Almost a year ago I started this blog and corresponding Instagram page. I have spent the last year almost as frustrated. Devoting time and energy the same way I did with by booktube channel and not getting the returns some of the other accounts that started the same time I did were getting. I was also super nervous because some of my co-workers had discovered the Instagram page and the FB page and made comments about it. About me blogging.

I started another YouTube page. I recorded, edited and uploaded a video. It took hours to do everything. Only to have my mother come along and tell me that I should “take out” the part where I called some people assholes. She had not idea how long it took to do what I already did and how it was not that easy to just “take out” a few seconds of video. I deleted the video.

I let all of these things get to me. I let them hold me back. And after listening to GaryVee’s book I realized they don’t matter. All of these comments and remarks are coming from people who are internally afraid to do something they want to do. To be happy doing something that is unconventional.

Commit to ignoring every single voice that threatens to undermine you. If it’s your mom, find a respectful way to tell her you want her love but not her opinion. If it’s your friends, tell them you are grateful for their concern but they have to choose to support you or fuck off.

I could go on and on and on and on and on about Gary Vaynerchuk and how happy I am that his book came into my life a second a time. And in a more organic way.

While I work for “the man” right now, I hope to not always. I know I want to be a voice in the world that I have yet to hear myself. I just haven’t figured out how to do that just yet. But Crushing It! has given me all the advice and insight I think I will need.

What has struck me most about his message is our need to DOCUMENT instead of creating. As an avid internet user and someone who wants to get their voice out there it is a hard concept to wrap my head around. You look at what the “successful” accounts are doing and they are “creating content”. So we try and be innovative and CREATE when we are just not there yet. Vaynerchuk says we need to document this time instead of trying to create something.

Crushing It! has also helped me open my eyes to my kids hobbies. I had a lot of negative feelings towards the app TikTok that my daughter loves until I read this book. Crushing It! also made me feel more comfortable with the fact that my son probably won’t go down the traditional career path.

I can’t stop ingesting GaryVee. I am aware how late I am to the party but I am subscribed to him at all of the places. His podcast is probably one of my favorites.

Yes, this book and his persona are for entrepreneurs but it is also for exactly everyone else trying to do something big or small with their lives.


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