Instagram Detox: DAY ONE.

It was weird.

I deleted the app at midnight after I got home from work and went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning after checking my email I out of habit went to the folder that held Instagram on my phone to remember that it was not there.


According to Apple’s Screen Time thing it said my phone usage was down 5-minutes from my average. I spent most of the day checking my email, my watch Activity and constantly refreshing the Weight Watchers app. HABITS DIE HARD.

I was nervous today considering it was my day off from work. I tend to be more active on Instagram on my days off. Documenting my day. Wasting countless minutes scrolling for God-knows-what.

It was definitely weird not doing that because there were definitely times when I felt like I needed to pick up the phone, open the app and through up a quick IG story (and of course caption it). I did eventually satisfy my itch to post something about my day by posting to Snapchat. I got stainless steel wipes which I was pretty excited about. All the finger prints on the fridge and dishwasher have been driving me crazy.

While I felt somewhat like a drug addict needing her next fix I was pretty productive today. After I realized that IG was going to miss my morning photo of my coffee with the news playing in the background I got up and went grocery shopping. Returned a book to the library then the husband and I went out to lunch. After lunch we did was we normally do when it’s just the two of us – we ended up at the hardware store. We purchased a new storm dorm for the back door and a new grill.

For some reason when its just the two of us we end up spending money.

I absolutely love the new back door. We went and looked at doors a month ago and I thought I knew what I wanted. As usual, I like one thing and the husband likes another. It was hard to picture our compromise but once it was installed today I knew we made the right decision. I cannot wait to replace the two doors on the front of the house later in the year.

All in all, it was not a awful first day without Instagram. I know it’ll be hard before it gets easier. And I know by the end of the 30-days I’ll be so used to not having it getting back on will be a completely different experience.

Oh, and I was approved for my first NetGalley read with my new account!


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