Fuck Your Kid’s Fundraiser.

I don’t give a damn about your kids fundraiser.

Not to sound like a complete bitch but I don’t give a damn about my own kid’s fundraiser. Why would I care about yours?

I understand, you want to be supermom and earn your kid some “prize”. I would rather just buy my kid the prize then annoy the shit out of friends, family and co-workers with overpriced candy, Yankee Candles for the price I can get from the Yankee Candle store in my mall; useless and/or ugly home decor…. Do I need to go on? Unless you are doing a Krispy Kreme fundraiser – I’ll buy that shit.

Yes, my daughter is a Girl Scout. No, I do not want to buy from you so you can buy from me. I’d rather put the money into my kid’s troop then get your name on her order form.

If participating in some school or organized sport’s fundraiser excused me from any additional costs then maybe I’d do it. But most likely not.

Everyone has a Girl Scout in their family.

All the schools do fundraisers at the exact same time every damn year.

I am one of those parents that will just write a check to the PTA (aka, make a donation) to be exempt from any fundraising.

Call me an asshole.

Say I’m giving you a sob story.

If you’re the parent of a newborn, please threaten me by saying you’ll remember that when your kid is old enough to sell me some dumb shit.

The way I see it, I am not asking you to buy my kid’s shit, don’t ask me to buy yours. You know my kid is involved in sports and various after school activities. Do you think those activities do not come at a cost. Of course they do but I do not think that it is anyone else’e job to fund their activities, or cut the costs for me.

And don’t give me that I can’t afford to just pay the cost when you’re walking around with a $1,000 cellphone and your kid is rocking the latest Jordan’s.

Yes, I am judging you mostly because you are judging me for not supporting your kid.


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