Weight Watchers.

I’m trying Weight Watchers.


This has to be my second or third shot at it. I am not one of those people who had GREAT SUCCESS with it in the past.

I started moving in the right direction and then I got tired of tracking everything I hate and constantly being hungry. I was also trying to work out a million minutes a week… and it just became too much.

I got tired of trying to do all of the things in order to get back my “pre-baby” (who is now 11) weight/size. I also discovered that I could achieve the same thing with MyFitnessPal and I did not have to pay a dime.

Then like an adult female who is unhappy with her appearance and pant size, I would make the resolution in January to lose weight. I would do good for a month but then it became too much. To work out AND eat better AND take care of two kids AND work outside the home.

Eventually, I just got over it. My body is what it is. I like to drink wine and I hated to spend an hour on an elliptical or treadmill. Life is more than fitting into your jeans. I am average size and average weight. I am overweight, but I am still of average weight.

At some point, I discovered workouts (think Beachbody) that I actually like. I took a spin class and loved it. Last year I found a gym that not only has spin classes but offers other classes. The gym costs a bit more than every other gym in the area and I boycotted that gym for so many years because of the monthly cost. Then when I joined the gym I decided I need to actually go since I am spending so much more on the membership. Just the spin class alone make the membership worth it.

So for that last year, I did not focus much on what I was eating. I was definitely eating better than I had in years but I was not portioning or counting calories. I also sit on my ass for eight hours a day. What I did focus on was getting to the gym. I found that while I hated getting up for the 6AM cycle classes those were my best days emotionally. I always just FELT GOOD. That is what I did for the last year. I even made a deal with myself if I consistently went to cycle class throughout the month I would invest in those expensive cycle shoes.

I got the cycle shoes in December for Christmas. (Thanks mom and dad!)

I was mostly okay with the way I looked. I had got used to it. It is what it is. Then I started seeing photos of myself recently.

O. M. G.

I hated the way I looked. I am short and my face had more weight than I was comfortable seeing. My ass looks huge. Why was I not seeing those things when I looked in the mirror. Or when I took a selfie. Why do we only see these things when we see photos of ourselves from someone else’s perspective. Is that what I really look like out in the world?  Is that how people see me?

I have to do something.

I tried MyFitnessPal again for about a week and was getting frustrated because from my time in doing Weight Watchers before I knew that fruits and veggies were zero points. So it was frustrating to see those fruits and veggies cutting in my caloric intake. My mother has been doing Weight Watchers off and on what feels like all my life. She has had success. My sister just happened to tell me she started Weight Watchers again last week.

So here I am, again, tracking my foods. Being more mindful about what I am eating.

Day One.

Today was officially day one and it was pretty bad. I ate all of my daily points and just about all of my weekly points. I thought what I ate was not all that awful but when you see the number you start to realize….

Image result for yikes gif

All that aside, I think I am in a better position to tackle this obstacle. I am already on a pretty regular workout schedule. I am doing workouts I enjoy which I know is the hard part for a lot of people. And after just one day I see what I need to change as to when I eat what I am eating.

Lucky for me tomorrow is my normal 6AM cycle class so I can maybe salvage the damage I did today. Wish me luck….


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