Third time is the charm I say.

Happy New Year.

I have tried, and “failed” three times to write my Hello 2019 post.

The whole thing seems to arbitrary. The whole thing. To say HELLO to a new year; to make outlandish promises to yourself and then to proclaim those promises to the world for “accountability”.

Maybe I feel this way because I think one should keep their goals to themselves and silently SMASH THEM. I understand the time we live in where we are supposed to SHARE EVERYTHING so people can like, comment and applaud when we do well. Because when we share things with people we can hold ourselves accountable. But why do we need other people to hold ourselves accountable to our promises to ourselves? Aren’t we supposed to be doing these things for ourselves? To make ourselves “better”.

The whole thing is silly.

To me, all January 1 signifies is a start of a new CALENDAR year.

I make promises to myself on MY birthday. To me, that feels a more adequate time to make promises to yourself. On a day that you acknowledge you got to spend another year on this earth and are hoping you get to see the earth orbit the sun again.

Of course, there are things I would like to accomplish in 2019 but over the years I have become a realist. I have learned that great changes take time. You can not accomplish great things without putting in the work. Nothing happens overnight. Great accomplishments mean getting up and putting in the work in big but most small ways every, single, day. I have also learned that people do not change that much, if at all.

Every year there is a small part of me that hopes something will be different on January 1, and it never is.

Mid 2018 I developed (in my eyes) some really good habits for myself. Habits that will propel me forward both personally, professionally and financially. All I really want to do at that point continue moving forward. I know what feels right and good for me (and my family) and that’s all I really want to continue this year.

Ultimately, in 2019 I really just want to keep growing…


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