Who know that was a thing?

Not me until today, when a friend of my sent me an Instagram story describing such a thing. 

JOMO is FOMO’s introverted sister. Google FOMO and you get a Webster’s dictionary definition. Along with articles upon articles on how to overcome it.  Google JOMO you get an Urban Dictionary definition and a blog post about how people should have a little more FOMO in life. 

I know quite a few people who are unaware that they SUFFER from FOMO. They have no idea how exhausting it can be to be around them. To be completely honest, I did not think it was a real thing until I stopped giving AF about all the things people I had no connection to in real life were posting about.

Oh, I haven’t seen you since high school – CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby.

Hey, I see you every day at work, I had no clue you bought a house – CONGRATULATIONS.

I’m sorry your brother’s wife’s cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s friend’s dog is sick.

Get where I’m going here. We”follow” and “friend” acquaintances, thinking that we’re making real connections.

We’re always connected. We’re always on

It can be exhausting. I mean we’re all out there, on the internet, living our best lives….

I used to really mind not being invited to things. Or not being included in things. Seeing my friends having a good ole time at dinner, without me. Or coming back to work to find out a bunch of coworkers went out without me. Then I got invited to these things. And on top of my normal obligations, it was exhausting.

I did not actually want to be invited to these things. 

I liked being home in my sweatpants. I’d rather drink from a wine glass, instead of a beer bottle, at home no less. I really liked my quiet time, and my time with my family. I could care less about what prank was posted on Snapchat. 

I did not realize this was a thing. I thought I was just becoming an old lady. I thought I was becoming my age. I thought I was simply growing up because I was okay just being “on my own” and “doing my own thing”. I did not need to prove my happiness or how much of my best life I was living to people whose cell phone numbers I did not even have. 

JOMO runs parallel with the ideas of minimalism and intentional living. Meaning that you do not need to have a calendar jammed pack with brunches and happy hour dates to live a meaningful life. Not everything you do needs to be documented on the internet to prove that you are living life. And just remember, don’t make assumptions about someone’s life or happiness based on their Instagram feed.


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