Holy Holidays.

closeup photo of baubles on christmas tree

It is November 10th and my social media timeline is FLOODED with holiday photos.

From living rooms filled with Christmas trees and stockings hung with care by the fireplace. To small children wearing holiday pajamas and baking holiday cookies. And Instagram stories of couples going Christmas tree and decor shopping this weekend.

Excuse my language but when in the fuck did we pass Thanksgiving. The holiday that is supposed to represent what we’re grateful for. The holiday that comes BEFORE Christmas. The holiday that tends to humble society just enough before they overspend their time and money on people they do not even like.

Because it is not bad enough that Thanksgiving is really only a means to holiday shopping these days with the big box stores opening just after the last bite of turkey is swallowed. But now for the next two weeks, I have to be bombarded with this idea that I should be in the holiday spirit decorating and singing and caroling my way to December 25th.

I understand. Some people love the holidays. My sister is one of those people. But at the rate we are going, we will be preparing for Christmas in March.

Maybe I feel this way because I worked in retail for so long. I spent most of my teenage and early adulthood years working retail. In the retail world, I understood right after Halloween is Christmas. I understand that. People are looking at Christmas decor, start preparing for decorating and sending out holiday cards. But it has always been a slow burn.

But now… now Starbucks has you drinking out of holiday cups and XM radio is emailing about their 24/7 Christmas holiday channels on November 1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas is currently playing in theatres. Now it is being shoved down your throat everywhere you look. You cannot avoid it. Is anyone wondering why people are so burnt out by the time Christmas actually comes? You’ve been fa-la-la-ing for two whole months; your cheeks must hurt from all that smiling and holiday cheer.

When is enough, enough?

yellow flowers decorI promise I am not a total scrooge. I just think Christmas and all that comes with it has an appropriate time and place. And I think that time and place is AFTER the Thanksgiving holiday.


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