“It takes as long as it takes.”

I am sitting at work having a conversation with my coworker regarding books we are reading. My coworker is an avid Stephan King fan.

I explain to him that I cannot read Stephan King books. He asks me why. I tell him because his books are too big; too long. My coworker tells me the last book he read of his was not that long – it was 600 pages. I tell him that is too long. He then asks how long the books I read are; he asks if I read picture books.


We continue our conversation which eventually leads to him saying he is not in a rush to finish books. Even if a book is 1000 pages he says, it takes as long as it takes. 

That statement has been resonating my head ever since we had that conversation.

I am not entirely sure what the “rush” is every month to try and finish all the books.

I am jealous of my coworker who clearly has not discovered the online book community.

I am jealous of all these readers who can crank out anywhere between 7-10 books a month. Or the people who crank out hundreds of books a year. I do not know where these people find the time to read that much.

But this is logic that can be applied to anything in life. It takes as long as it takes. There really is no rush. No one makes it out of life alive…


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