I Normally Don’t Vote.

I wasn’t going to vote.

I am that person.

I almost never vote.

I am not kidding, I am that person.

Rarely have I voted in the presidential elections, let alone the midterms… but today, that changed.

The kids are off from school on Election Day… “teacher training day”. I was getting my daughter ready to go to my parent’s house for the day since my husband and I both had to work. I had the news on and of course, the only coverage was on the election. My daughter asked me if I was voting…

I did not want to tell her no because I know I should be voting. But I did not want to tell her I was voting when I really had no intention. I also did not want to get into who I was voting for with my ten year old. I went through this with my son during the presidential election. (Schools push their own candidates.)

As I stood in my kitchen, ignoring her question I realized I should vote. Not for me, but for her and her brother’s future. Their future choices. Their future options.

I can tell you exactly why I don’t vote: because it is all the same.

As citizens, we really only have two REAL options – republican or democratic. And to me, I am choosing between the lesser of two evils.

I have yet to see or hear a politician, of either party, get elected and deliver everything that they promised during the campaign. They all talk a good game. Put your money where your mouth is.

Most states are blue or red. Majority rules. New York is one of those states. The entire state of New York is actually controlled by the City of New York. So if I vote anything other than blue, my vote really does not count. Say what you want about that statement, but in my home state, that is how it works.

Maybe I won’t see it in my lifetime, but I would hope for my kids that they have more than two choices. More than just red, or blue.

I voted today so that my kids have a real choice in their future. Everyone has their reason(s), they are mine.


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