Girl Logic | REVIEW

img_0678Ladies, I can admit it… SOMEtimes we make no fucking sense. For the men out there, yes, I admit it. Females can be completely insane – we drive ourselves and each other insane.

Women aren’t crazy. We are not crazy. We are conflicted. Crazy implies an impracticality to our thoughts when, in actuality, we are processing so many dichotomic thoughts that we get frustrated. Then others perceive that as “crazy.” Women want to be appreciated for their mind, but they won’t stop obsessing over the size of their ass.

Girl Logic is a book about how us ladies let the voices in our head tell us otherwise.

For some reason, we want to be accepted and liked. We’re told to “act like a lady”.

Why do we want to be liked and accepted?

What does acting like a lady even mean?

Girl Logic is a critical asset: an internal guidance system that helps women stay on track toward the thing—or person—they want most, or the woman they most want to be.

Most of the book hit home for me. There were a few chapters that I skipped because I am an old married woman so the chapters on meeting someone/dating and/or understanding how men text did nothing for me. But yes, texting my husband can be quite a pain in the ass not because of his responses but for other reasons I’d rather not get into in this post.

This book encourages us ladies to stand up for ourselves. To not simply just sit there and be quiet like society expects, or even wants us to be. Iliza Shlesinger tells a story of when she was on the show Last Comic Standing. First off, honestly, I have no idea who the author is – I had no clue she was a comedian much less that she was on a show that I barely remember hearing about. Anyway, Apparently, Last Comic Standing  is a show where they put all these comedians in a house and force them to live with each other (I totally thought of Real World/Big Brother type of show). A lot of editing room drama created. Shlesinger went on to say how she made it a point to only portray herself a certain way so she could be taken seriously as a comedian. So she could have a real shot of winning. (Ladies, is that now how we walk this earth – just trying to be taken seriously for what we do).  Anyway, eventually, it comes down to Ms Shlesinger a few other male contestants. Male contestants who were degrading and downright cruel to Ms. Shlesinger simply because she was a female.  … It was a tough story to read but one that needed to be said and read. Even though I have no clue who she is, I respect her more for that story she included in the book. Thank you!

Because I read this via my kindle (app)  my 52(!) highlights are all archived on Goodreads. I cannot believe I have 52 highlights.


It is definitely a book I would recommend for women to read. It will definitely make you laugh and say, yeah, why do I do that?! Or, heck yeah, it’s not just me. Or, fuck that noise – I need to stop that behavior. 

Girl Logic starts to shift gears as you grow into an actual adult. In your thirties you become more selfish, in a good way. You begin to put yourself first, whether it’s being upfront about wanting a relationship, craving more alone time, or needing to sleep all day. You gain a sage new perspective, and you can look at twenty-three-year-olds freezing outside a club in heels and minidresses and think, “God, I remember doing that, and I’m so glad I’m not doing it now.”

I am thankful to currently be in my thirties. Because I am at this point in my life where “it is all about me”. I got tired of trying to do all the things everyone else is doing. I go tired of trying “to be cute” because that is what was expected of me. I like, crave and need my quiet time and have no problem saying NO. But I do remember being one of those girls standing outside the club FREEZING TO DEATH. I remember way too clearly wearing painful shoes. Now…. if you see me in heels please know that someone is holding my kids for ransom and that is the only way that it can be paid. I wear jeans with holes (that I purchased that way)

If you are not at this point in your life, trust me, you will get there. Maybe later than your 30s but I am pretty sure every woman gets to this point in your life. If you are currently in this stage of your life – how amazing is it?! Finding your own voice. Being your own advocate.

Ladies, this one is for you…



  1. Sounds like a perfect read! I too am in my 30s, and in that stage of my life where I don’t care what other people think. I never felt like i matched what people wanted me to look like, sound like, or act like. and now that i don’t care, i’m more confident in myself than i’ve ever been. it’s the confidence that pays off, not the looking, sounding, or acting a certain way.

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    1. Yes!

      It was definitely nice to get this validation from this book. I don’t think I was aware of these changes I have made over the years but reading it was like “oh so that’s what’s going on; I like it”.


  2. I love this! It is so true. I have noticed more of my craziness now that I have a son. My son has three sisters, so he is surrounded by us. Lol.. It is also funny, how it makes sense to us. I am going to check out this book! Thanks for the info and the blog post! 🙂

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    1. Oh no! Your poor son… haha. He will be quite equipped to deal with any potential girlfriends or wives though, on the positive. 🙂 I hope you check it out and enjoy it. It was definitely a surprise find and enjoyment for me.

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