Unfuck Yourself | REVIEW

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Picked this one up not expecting too much. I figured it was going to be along the same lines as The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

I was wrong.

Completely different message. But still just as necessary.

The message that Gary John Bishop is for us to GET OUT OF OUR HEADS.

As a society, we get so caught up in our own heads. We care too much about what people (that we don’t even really like) think about us. Our clothes. Our home. Our lives.

The internet tells us we have to be positive. That if life is not going your way you’re not being positive enough. Bishop says that’s not the problem. Whether we believe we are precious little snowflakes or not has nothing to do with getting shit done – achieving those goals. Bishop says that we’re “winning” at the lives we live. We get comfortable and nothing changes – we’re winning.


Because we get caught up in our feelings we don’t do anything. We let our thoughts control our lives. We wake up in the morning not feeling like working out or going to work. So we drag ass getting out of bed until the very last minute. Now we’re late.

No time to make our breakfast or pack a lunch, so we stop and get a coffee and bagel on the way to work which we say we have earned for our life and also goes against the budget we set for ourselves.

unfuckyourselfWe let our thoughts control our lives and we need to stop that. Yes, it is easier to Netflix and chill all weekend because “you had a long week” but you’re not moving forward either that way.

YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. YOU ARE YOUR ACTIONS. Love the life you have not the one you’re expected to have. 

I personally often forget how good it feels to complete something when I originally did not want to do it. And I guess that is the point of this book. To do what you know you should do instead of what you feel like doing. Feelings don’t get things done.


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