[Sports] Parents are the WORST.

This is a post that I have had sitting in my Drafts section for some time.

Parents, in general, are bad. But the worst type of parent are parents of kids who play sports.

Unfamiliar with this scene? Imagine any professional sports arena. Imagine the behavior of those who attend professional sporting events. The screaming. The yelling. The insults.

Now imagine those players ranging in age from 8ish to high school aged. Now imagine those referees being 15ish years old…

For the past FOUR YEARS that is what it has been like attending my son’s soccer games.

I am not a sports fan. Neither is my husband. To this day, the only sport I really watch is soccer and it is because of our son. So for me, I do not understand this ritual of SCREAMING and YELLING at the players and the refs. I understand even less this idea that it is any kind of acceptable to be YELLING and SCREAMING at children players and/or referees.

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I can not tell you how many games I have sat through, rain or shine. Hot, or cold. Listening to parents yell at scream at the refs for missing something or making a bad play. Not saying I also agree with the refs but, they are doing a job. I do not particularly like it when someone tells me how to do my job so I try not to criticize someone when they are doing theirs. Even if their job is to ref a grade school athletic sports game.


Today my husband sends me an email. The subject of the email is Adult Behavior. I thought it was going to be a joke or a funny article. It was “funny” alright…

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It was an email from the soccer club our son is apart of. It is a lengthy email indicating that in the first three weeks of the Fall season there have been several reports of poor behavior by parents and coaches.

You have got to be kidding me.

The email goes on to say that the league has a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior.

There are really ADULTS out there that need to be told this?!

Yes. Yes, there are. There are “adults” out there that need to be told it is unacceptable to scream at a 15-year old referee. A 15-year old that at any point out be THEIR OWN 15-year-old child.

We tell our children this kind of behavior is unacceptable of them. That is is unacceptable for someone to treat our children that way at any given time in their life. But the minute they step on that field all bets are off?! Instead of behaving like parents of children; like grown adults whos unacceptable behavior is punishable… we put the blame on the coaches.

We tell the coaches not only are you responsible for the children you are coaching. You are now responsible for their parents and the parent’s behavior. That is just ridiculous.

If a parent acts out of line the coach faces suspension and fines. What? Why?!

I go to the games.

I get into the games.

I cheer my son and his teammates on.

I get disappointed when shots are missed, or someone tries to be the star player instead of passing the ball.

But you know what I don’t do – besides screaming at children – I do not play the game. I am not on the field, hustling. I am not running back and forth playing against people sometimes twice my size. I am sitting on the sidelines with my coffee or tea, dressed comfortably while sitting in my foldable lawn chair that desperately needs to be replaced.

I think if some of the parents that sit on the sidelines yelling at kids and referees were actually forced to get out there and bust their asses they would rethink their yelling. They might realize it is not easy.

So if you are the parent that finds themselves screaming at a group of school-aged kids, usually forgetting that these are not professional sporting events; these are not professional soccer, football, baseball players; these are not adults… think about how you would feel if some ASSHOLE on the sidelines was yelling at you over something they are not actively participating in.

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