Why Am I Following You?

I have a love/hate relationship with the internet and social media.

Thanks to social media and the internet I have discovered intentional living and minimalism. There have been great, and not so great books and movies that the internet has brought into my life. I have thought that the internet is where I could go to “fit in” only to discover I that is not the case either.

I have done my stints of being online and offline. I have deleted Facebook and Instagram accounts just to reactivate them. The things I love about being online are also the things I tend to hate about them.

I love being able to connect with people over shared interests.

I hate the fakeness and perfection of it all.

A few years ago I got big into the online fitness community. I somehow started following a lot of Beachbody coaches online even though I never actually purposed the overpriced shakes and snacks. Their lives intrigued me. They were so happy and peppy; they looked great. A lot of them seemed to be making a shit ton of money. Now, several years later, I am no longer “big into fitness” and I still follow these pages – and they honestly make me sick.

[ As I take a big sip of HATERADE ]

I do not throw shade at them or the lives they live almost solely online. But their pages are not pages that align with my beliefs. But for some reason, I can not unfollow them. There is something about a “train wreck” that we humans can not turn away from.

We get so engrossed in the lives of people we do not actually know…. why?!

The longer I watch their Instagram stories, the harder I roll my eyes. I honestly think the end is near for me and these pages. But I am just curious – why do you follow pages that really you have no connection to? I know I am not the only one.

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