Female Problems.

This could really go in a lot of different directions, but today I want to talk about that which is the menstrual cycle. So for the fellas out there, you might want to exit stage right…

I’ll spare you the gory details, but for the ladies out there you know how it can quite literally be a massive inconvenience. No matter your age or stage in reproduction life… I vaguely remember being a young teenager and anticipating it. My mother never had “the talk” with me. I just knew it was something that happened to my cousin one summer when she came to visit. And when I got mine I remember telling my mother, I got the thing that happened to Tiffany. Image result for menstrual cycle

I had no idea how many days it was supposed to be; just that it should come once a month. God, all the clothing that was ruined during those early years.

Then you start having sex. And you are thankful it comes because of that one time… 

Eventually, you get a little bit older and one month, it doesn’t come.  Whether planned or by accident.  Which means for about nine months you don’t have to visit the feminine hygiene aisle of the grocery store and it is the best part of the whole pregnancy thing.

A year later you are back on a schedule of some sort. But now you know how to track and there are actually a lot of nifty apps that remind you. And THANK GOD because a few years later you are done having kids and the whole period thing is a MAJOR inconvenience at this stage. You convinced your doctor to do a tubal ligation at a young age so you wonder if you can convenience him to perform a hysterectomy because all that stuff is serving absolutely no purpose now.

Currently, I am a full-fledged adult woman. And my God, my periods are now more of an annoyance than ever before. I get tired; so tired. And crampy. I am useless for three to four days of the month. Before those three or four days every month I am moody as hell. Not to mention, I have a hard time fitting into my jeans and I always make the mistake of stepping on the scale. All apps aside, if I am ever curious as to when I got my period for any particular month, I just look at my workout tracker.

The older I get the more of a thing it becomes.

I never used to DREAD getting the damn thing. I never used to feel so inhuman; so much unlike myself during that time of the month.

Even now, if I tell my husband that I don’t feel well. He usually starts telling me about his headaches…

I’d take a headache that lasts for three or four days over this monthly occurrence. Every month. For the last 20ish years with another 20 to go. By the time I get over it and feel like myself again, the CYCLE has started all over again.

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