Location Sharing: With Your Spouse

Do you share your (phone) location with your spouse?

If so, why do you do it?

I sometimes forget that I can not be completely myself with people and I made the not so subtle “mistake” that my husband and I share our location through Google Maps. Boy oh, boy did the comments and laughter commence when I let this piece of personal information slipped. We have been sharing our location with one another for so long that it did not occur to me until recently that most people DO NOT share their (phone) locations with their significant others. It is seen as spying. I get it. But we (or at least I) do not use it like that. I really only use it when we are on vacation and we get separated from one another.

When I am home I am at one of three, maybe four places: home, work, grocery store or doing the early morning, the gym. Exciting life I live, I know.

I also share my location with my sister and my kids. My sister and I only share locations because we need to know where each other are at a drop of a dime, ha. (There has definitely been times where I have gone somewhere sketchy and told my sister to keep an eye on my location) And my kids because it only seems fair – if I can see where they are, they should be able to see where I am.

For the same reason that I do not care that Apple, Verizon or my car knows where I am at; I do not care if my family has my location. I have nothing to hide. I’m not even all that private; before I leave the house I usually announce where I am going anyway. What does it matter if my husband can open up an app and see I am actually at the grocery store?

I understand that location sharing is probably one notch above having a shared Facebook account with your significant other… but I do not think that is that big of a deal if you’re not doing anything “wrong”. If you’re constantly lurking on your other half then there might be a problem. Or if you find there to be SUCH A PROBLEM for your spouse to know where you are at any given time. A much larger problem than just location sharing.

  1. Ha! I didn’t realize it was such a big deal. We use Life360 App to see where me, my husband and our teenage driver are. But mostly the the kids want to know when their dad gets out of work so they can clean up their mess!

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  2. I did not realize it was such a big deal either until I had a room full of people jump down my throat about it. Haha. I immediately asked them what they were hiding…. surprisingly I got no answer.

    My in-laws use that Life360 app, or they used to. I remember us looking into it but then it fell by the waist-side.


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