Reality Check.

Every once and awhile we need a R E A L I T Y   C H E C K.

Today my mother told me that my cousin went in for EMERGENCY brain surgery.

My cousin is 40ish years old.

A year ago, this same cousin, lost her sister (my other cousin) to stomach cancer at a few years past forty years old. Her sister, my eldest cousin, never smoked, rarely drank and was probably the nicest person I knew.

Both of these stories are examples of bad things happening to good people.

While it is both sad and tragic it is a reminder about life and how fragile it is.

Honestly, I woke up this morning still in a pissy mood over our outrageous electric bill I got over the weekend. I was not really upset about the electric bill, but I was more annoyed about how my husband explained away the electric bill. Saying the kids were downstairs watching the televisions and playing the video games more than they were last summer. While that may have been the case, please tell me it has nothing to do with the pool filter that was running all summer or the hot tub we acquired. Either way, I was annoyed. But then I got the news on my cousin and I realized how wasteful it was to be angry over an electric bill. Yeah, it’s a lot of money – but no one is having emergency brain surgery. It’s just money. My kids are happy and healthy.

As humans, we just forget. We forget that we can get in the car to go to work and we may not come home. We forget life is out of our control.

We obsess and get upset over trivial things.

I am sure that my cousin, given the choice, would choose to have a ridiculous electric bill to deal with. Or for the father who is in a coma in a hospital, given the opportunity would rather pay for his health insurance instead of bitching about having to pay for it after not for so long. For the mother, who just lost a child, I am sure she would rather do a task at work that is “not in her job description” than be without her child.

We are not entitled to anything. Life owes us nothing. We forget and we complain about anything, and everything, that is a minor inconvenience.

We have to be thankful that we get up and our feet hit the floor every morning, if not for anything else that day.

Especially for Americans, we have to get over our first world problems. Meet someone from outside the States and you will realize how “good” we actually have it. We have to get over ourselves. We have too much. Since we have so much we simply worry about things that do not matter in the bigger scheme of things.

Ask anyone who has had a major loss in life what they worry about now. Ask anyone who has a loved one on a deathbed what they worry about. It’s not an electric bill; paying for health insurance or something they’re being asked to do at work.

Don’t waste your life worrying or being angry.  Life is too precious and too short. It should not take a tragedy for you to be thankful for what you have.

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