The Kiss Quotient | REVIEW

img_20180909_085454It used to be I did it because of booktube now it is, I did it because of bookstagram. 

This was a book that has been floating around bookstagram like crazy for the last month or two. I am pretty sure it was a BOTM pick on month but, eh, I was disappointed.

The premise was good. An autistic woman trying to figure out relationships and love.

Nowhere in all of the GLOWING reviews I read did it mention it having a classified subgenre of erotica.

Now please, do not get me wrong. Sex and everything that goes with it does not scare me. BUT, I would like to know when a book spends a good chunk of is describing the act of sex and referring to the female’s vagina as her “sex”. *eye roll* And I have no shame in admitting that I loved me some Fifty Shades of Grey, okay.

This checklist was probably the best part of the book. I quite literally laughed out loud at this point.

I have to be in the mood for those kinds of books. And no I do not mean the mood. But here I am at work, reading about Stella and Micahel’s first, second and third, sexual encounters. I was praying to God no one actually looked over my shoulder at one I was reading. The cover and title alone were enough for someone to start running their mouth about my “girly book”.

All of that aside, while I was reading this I could not help to feel like I had heard this story before. The professional business person hiring a prostitute? Anyone? Anyone?

It’s Pretty Woman. Come to find out, the author always had a role reversal Pretty Woman story in her head. Kind of disappointing to find out almost the entire storyline is based on an 80s/90s movie classic. (I love me some Pretty Woman; watch it every time it is on – do not get it twisted).

At this point I know it sounds like I spent almost 300 words telling you everything that is “wrong” with this book but that is not the case. The book was just not right for ME.  It basically was just not what I expected and it was ridiculously predictable. Both of these reasons are why I tend to stay away from books that have a lot of buzz around them. Despite the blurb on the front that dared me to not fall in love with the characters or their story… challenge accepted.

I would really only ever recommend this book to non-readers. Or for readers who have never read a contemporary romance book; but even then I could probably come up with better books to start with.



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