What I read in August | READING WRAP UP

I read five books in the month of August.

Whoa. Seriously, how did that happen? And honestly, I really enjoyed every book that I read. It’s about damn time…


I had an unintended theme during the month of August. Self-help, self-discovery, SELF.

I learned about anxiety this month and my non-greatness. I learned that not everything requires me to give a fuck about it; I only have so many fucks to give out. And I also learned that it’s okay to just be still and live life on your own terms. Granted, these were all things I kinda knew in the back of my mind but it was nice having the validation to know I am not crazy.

In the world of fiction, I was reminded that even though a marriage looks “perfect” on paper (or screen) that it can be far from it in reality. I have never known the pain of wanting a child so badly that it can become all-consuming. It was a fictional reminder that you never know what someone could be battling. Especially for the people who bury it deep to keep up appearances.

I would recommend each of these books to just about everyone. I think there is something to be learned or enjoyed in every book I read.

What did you read this month? Anything you would recommend, and why?


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