Why I Blog.

On one of the many blogs I follow a question was posted. The blogger was asking it’s readers why they blog. I answered the question then spent a good part of the day thinking about the question and my answer.

I blog because, why not.

I blog so I can get the words out of my head.

Though I am pretty quiet, I have a lot of thoughts a lot of the time. And a lot of the time I have no one to share the thoughts with.

I blog because I have no one to have a real conversation with.

Whenever I try to share my day or frustrations, I am met with little to no enthusiasm. No real dialog. Just a reassurance that everything will be okay with a few umhms thrown in there for… effect I suppose.

If I keep the words in my head I drive myself crazy. I get angry and sad and frustrated because all I really want is to share. These feelings ultimately lead to me NOT wanting to share my thoughts out loud.

Maybe it is ignorance. But with blogging, if you do not like what I have to say you can move onto the next one. While it is still not a conversation, it is not so obvious when someone does not want to hear what I have to say.

I blog because it relieves stress.

I blog because I want to become a better writer. Once upon a time, I was a decent writer. These days the only thing I write on a regular basis are police blotters. When I write now it feels so matter of fact; just the facts. Straightforward and to the point. No ebbs, no flows.

I don’t have a brand, I have nothing to sell. I do not have any particular skill I could sell. I watch videos on “blogging as a business” and I have real clue what those people are referring to other than to try and sell their “seminars”. I have never lived anywhere exotic; I do not make six figures and have no idea how to even pretend to tell you how to do it.

I blog because… I have interests and passions that no one in my real life understands. I read. I enjoy the written word and stories of grandeur. I enjoy reading stories on characters that run parallel to me. I enjoy wearing ripped jeans and plain t-shirts; in the colder months, I enjoy a cardigan over my everyday t-shirts from Old Navy and fury boots. I prefer using backpacks over purses these days. I enjoy documentaries and learning new things.

I listen more than I talk. Which is probably why I do not get along with a lot of people. I’m incredibly awkward.

I blog because I am a stressed-out working mother. Not a Pinterest mom, I’m the mom who allows their son to listen to Eminem and believes in chores without an expected allowance.

I blog because I do not know what I want to do when I grow up. I have no tribe. I have no real friends; just a cellphone full of coworkers, acquaintances and random people who’s numbers I am not sure why I still have.

I just want someone, or someones, to share my own stories with.

Why do YOU blog?




Cover Photo by Markus Petritz on Unsplash

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