NetGalley Readathon | UPDATE

At this point, you will never see me participating in a readathon.

Since I discovered the online book community 3-4 years ago I have tried every readathon, every sprint, every sponsored TBR – you name a group activity, I have tried it. And I keep trying.

We’re all not meant to do all the things.

If you have not figured it out by now I “failed miserably” at this readathon.

35580188To my own credit, I STARTED reading one of my NetGalley ARCs, The Intermission by Elyssa Friedland. 

I figured I would start with something that recently was released. Why start with something that was older? I should try and stay relevant with these accounts, right. Relevant is current.

I should have gone with something a little older. Something I was really, truly, interested in reading. Maybe I would have done better at this.

Can you tell what happened with this one? I ended up DNF’ing it. I really did not think it was fair to give it poor feedback because I was unable to get through the first few chapters (slow as hell). But luckily I was able to select a I will not be giving feedback on this title, option. So I did. And I told the NetGalley Gods what I found problematic enough to not be able to finish it and properly rate it.

My feedback ratio is still 16%.

Kudos to the creator of this readathon. It is a good one. I just wish I could deal with that kind of pressure. That I could put that kind of pressure on myself to read the books.

I really do want to get through the 53 ARCs that are on my shelf. It’s shameful. I’ll get to them, one day. Even if that means selecting I will not be giving feedback on this title. But until then, Ima keep reading what I really want to read instead of trying to show the internet that I can read more books than they can.


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