The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck | REVIEW

It seems “cool” now and days to run around saying, I don’t give a fuck. Hashtag, zerofucks.

I was part of that camp, giving zerofucks. Until I realized how ridiculous I (and those around me) sounded. I mean honestly, you’re giving “zerofucks” but you are having a meltdown over [insert something that did not go your way here]. I would think that is the OPPOSITE of giving “zerofucks”. That is actually giving a whole lot of fucks about something incredibly trivial, in. my. opinion.


According to my Goodreads, I discovered this book in 2017 and tried to read it. I DNF’ed it. Then I discovered the By The Book Podcast that had an episode about this book and completely discouraged me against it; it validated that I was not missing anything. Something inside said to give it another shot and I requested the audiobook from my library.


The first several minutes, possibly chapters, are a little rough because of all the f-bombs. (And I am someone who swears more than I should.) I think if someone can get past those moments, it is a good book for anyone and everyone.

“Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for.”

This book is actually pretty great because, despite the title, it is NOT about how to NOT GIVE A FUCK… it is about GIVE A FUCK about the right things.

It is virtually impossible to give zerofucks. As it is impossible to give all the fucks to everything. Something has to give. You have to find your balance. You have to find the things in your life to “give a fuck about”. Only YOU can decide what to give a fuck about. Everyone’s fucks are different.

I personally did not receive too much helpful information from this book because I was already unknowingly on the both of “not giving a fuck”. But it did reinforce the thoughts and feelings I have been having about people and things these last few years.

Pick it up. Borrow it from your library.

But whatever you do, dole your fucks out accordingly, that’s all… be aware of how and when you are spending them and on whom. Just because the internet or someone in your life gives a fuck about something does not mean you have to.

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