Chasing Slow | REVIEW

“Ask a bird how to fly, and it might tell you to remove the weight from your wings.”

I had no clue who Erin Loechner is, I still don’t. But she wrote a beautiful book on slowing down in life. How we should all slow down and appreciate our lives for what they are; not what we hope they will be someday if we just buy those jeans, that makeup pallet or get that corner office.

The only place this book lost some points for me was all the religious references that were made. If I had known that would have been a key element in her storytelling I probably would not have picked up this book. But it was one of those happy accidents I will accept. The cost of doing business. 

For me, this book hit home on all the things I thought to be true over the last few years. Thank you, Instagram for showing me this one somehow…

img_9205I discovered the minimalism lifestyle (even though I’m the only one in my house that believes in it) a couple of years ago and I was forever changed. Minimalism has taught me that less is more, in every aspect of life – not just regarding physical possessions. Since discovering minimalism, I always thought there was something off about social media and it’s perfect white walls and picture-perfect lives. That can not be what their lives are really like I would always think. No. Freaking. Way. It was actually starting to make me sick. Something about the fakeness of it all was just nauseating.  It still is. I just finally know I am not alone in my thinking.

This cannot be what life was all about. This cannot be what I should be wanting.

“There is a lion inside all of us. It reigns over space and time and intention, and it lingers in the rooms of our hearts daily. A lion is unruly. It can not be trusted. So we attempt to tame it. We fill our lion’s den with productivity apps that offer us more time, which we use to find more time-saving productivity apps. We fill it with geometric vases to match Pantone’s It Color of the year, with a new pair of boyfriend jeans with a first-class upgrade on a snowy flight to Salt Lake City. We fill it with another kale recipe that uses six ingredients to make kale taste not so kale. And have you tried eyelash extensions? You’ll look like you’ve slept seven and a half hours. We fluff this great pit with our ego boosts, our need for control, our unrealistic expectations, and soon our days are dictated by its excess. The lion sulks around our soul, pacing for his next meal, hungry for more than we are throwing his way. Perhaps we are feeding him the wrong thing.”

The lion metaphor, reference, is used throughout the book. I read several reviews where people did not like that. I had the opposite feelings. I enjoyed it. There would be a random sentence after a point was made referencing the lion and feeding it… that is the way life works with temptations and feelings of needing to keep up. It will be all of a sudden.

I found the writing to be very natural as if we were having a conversation. A back and forth. I did not feel like the author was trying to shove her beliefs down my throat. I felt like she was giving me thoughtful options. Delicious food for thought.

The biggest take away – BE YOURSELF. You don’t need what everyone else has to be happy or fulfilled. You might actually become a happier person if you just s l o w d o w n. Stop trying to be the perfect mother or wife. Stop trying to keep up with the Jones. BE GRATEFUL.

“Perhaps people love when you share funny stories about your kids on Facebook, but when you get political, it’s crickets. Perhaps friends rave about your jokes, your artwork, your fill-in-the-blank, but when you admit to having a bad day when you ask for help when you reach out for something real and true and life-giving, your words fall on deaf ears.”

I would recommend this book to anyone regardless of whether how lost or found they think they are. This book made so many good points about life and overcoming. About how we don’t all have to join the rat race to feel happy and accomplished. All we need we already have…


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