What Are You Reading?

Hey readers, what is a pet peeve of yours?

Mines is when people ask what I am reading. Like non-readers asking me what I am reading.

The first few times I was asked I was stupid. I actually thought they cared about what I was reading. I got all excited telling them the storyline of what I was reading to which I was met with “oh, ok”. After the third or fourth time, I realized they did not care. I guess they were only trying to make conversation. But if you do not care what I am reading, what kind of conversation will there be.

There has been only one time that I have been asked and there was actually a conversation. It was two summers ago when I was attempting to read Stephen King’s IT. Everyone had an opinion on it. I kept saying it was too long and I was told that I should just stick with it because it was good.

I quit reading it and watched the movie.

As I am writing this I am reading a book about anxiety, and slowing down life. I had someone ask me what I was reading. I somewhat lied. I just told them I was reading a book about a former reality television show host. Then there was another time I was reading something that I thought would get an eyebrow raise from someone I decided if anyone asked what I was reading I would just tell them I was reading that book on the white woman that said she was black.  I had actually recently read that book at the time so it would not be a complete lie.

I am not generally reading books by authors that most non-readers would have heard of. So it can be hard to tell them what I am actually reading.

I am sure if I said I was reading the book by Bill Clinton and James Patterson, there could be a conversation. But most likely I am reading a book by one of my favorite contemporary authors that no one would know.

On the flip side, when Fifty Shades and all those similar series were big everyone was assuming I was ALWAYS reading that. Yep. Had to deal with those jokes.

So, please do not ask me what I am reading. I do not want to have to lie to you and I know you really do not care.





Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash



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