All Your Perfects | REVIEW

Quinn and Graham have the perfect marriage. Yeah, they’ve been married for a while and do not have any kids but otherwise, everything is perfect…. right?


Colleen Hoover gets it right with this one. I fell in love with her with Maybe Someday and I’ve been chasing that high with her through several of her books. I even took a risk on this one and pre-ordered it knowing that at best it would be a solid three-star rating on Goodreads. But this one, nail on the head.

To start, this story goes back and forth in time. My favorite! We start with when Quinn and Graham met, which was honestly kind of predictable. And then Hoover takes the reader to their present day and their crumbling marriage. You see how love changes, the players change,  over the course of a relationship.

All Your Perfects is a story, like most, about love… and lost. Ultimately, what we think a “perfect” life should be and look like.

I applaud Ms. Hoover for writing a REAL love story.

The story that is told I can only assume is one that happens day in, and day out in real life marriages. I do not know the pain of wanting to have a child so badly and not being able to have one. But I could feel it with Quinn, that longing. And I honestly never thought about all the times I complain about my children; thinking that someone out there WISHES they could have the annoyance of trying to get everyone out the door on time or sleepless nights.

Personally, I never asked couples who were without kids when they were going to have kids. I do not think that having kids is a checkbox of life. I do not think one life is better or worse for having children or not having children. But the story of Quinn and Graham’s marriage definitely shines a light…

If you’re a Colleen Hoover fan I am sure you have already picked this up and devoured it. If you are not, or have never read one of her books, I would probably start with this one. Especially if you are married, and have been for a long time.


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