NetGalley Readathon

Today is August 1st.

And today I am committing to attempting to catch up on my NetGalley reviews. Specifically during this month.

My name is Jenna and I too got sucked into the black hole of NetGalley requests three years ago.

I discovered NetGalley back in 2015. And like most bookworms that discovered this site, I got SUPER PUMPED! All the ARCs. I could just request what I wanted. And for the most part, I got most of the books I requested.

Fast forward to August 2018, I have THREE PAGES of books waiting for feedback. Which apparently breaks down to 54 books I have requested and have not read.


I am unbelievably embarrassed by that number. And I have been. I figured the only fix to that was I would not request any more books. Which I haven’t (minus Emily Giffin’s latest, All We Ever Wanted which I promptly read and reviewed). I don’t even want to tell you what my feedback ratio is.

Then I saw a post on Instagram that got my attention. With a hashtag that led me to  @jackiereadsbooks. This lovely woman is hosting a readathon. A NetGalley readathon no less.

It is pretty much what it sounds like, you read your NetGalley books. Simple.

Jackie’s goal is to get her feedback ratio to 80%. (Which is the suggested feedback ratio to get). While I do not want to share my pitiful feedback ratio, I would need a complete act of God AND a tragic accident that left me bedridden for the month of August in order to pull that off.

If I could just get through these five seven books this month I will be happy. These are the books that have come out this year.

Screenshot 2018-07-29 at 12.40.37 PM.png

Even this will be a stretch. I have NEVER read seven books in a month. EVER. I’ve “only read” 20 books for this year total. Seven will definitely be a stretch. But I am up for the challenge. Realistically I think I’ll be able to get through three or four.

I don’t normally even participate in readathons. There is too much pressure. I don’t have endless amounts of time to just sit and read. And I usually think the “challenges” are stupid. So I shy away from readathons. But this one, I can get down with this one.

If you went a little HAM requesting those NetGalley reads will you be participating in the month-long readathon? Or are you in the camp where you actually read everything you request and you think the rest of us are a bunch of losers for not having that 80% feedback ratio?

Let me know.

Regardless of which boat you are in. Join in, follow the hashtag on Instagram, #netgalleyreadathon. For participtaing, you not only get the satisfaction of knocking off some of those reads. You also get entered to win a curated book box by @jackiereadsbooks.

Happy Reading!


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