No Kids!

Guess who had no kids last week!

I love my kids, obviously, duh… but when my husband tells me his dad is taking them camping for the week I let out the biggest sigh of relief.

It’s not even like it has been a crazy summer with the two home. I just realized this week I needed a break from all the noise.

My work hours are not traditional, they are smack in the middle of the day. I think they are the worst hours to work. I think I would honestly prefer working straight evening shifts than the schedule I have. I work 10AM to 6PM. It sounds amazing on paper. But in reality it the reason I try and be up every morning at 4-5AM just so I can get stuff done before work. Otherwise, nothing gets done. And I can guarantee it is quiet at 4-5AM every morning.


I somehow thought this week I would be able to eat before 7-730PM every night. Because I was legit eating leftovers. (Sidenote: I totally get how people can survive on a $75/week grocery bill when you can eat leftovers a few times a week) Nope. I was still eating at 7-730, every night. I was still coming in, letting the dog out, feeding him; putting my stuff from work away while reheating my dinner. The only difference was that it was quiet.

I was not walking into the door with the bright lights on, listening to my son talk into his gaming headset. Then coming up the stairs to more lights on and my daughter bouncing around some equally as annoying YouTube video while she simultaneously was making a musically video. I was not walking in the door inquiring if everything I ask to be done, was done.

It was just quiet, and that was my favorite part. My second favorite was when I got to watch television in the living room while I ate my dinner.

I was also still in bed at a decent time.

So if I could figure out how to walk into the door from work on a normal night and have it not be complete noise and chaos I would be a much happier person in the evening. I now understand how my dad would feel when he came in from work and I would bombard him with questions and he would bark asking me to give him a minute to walk in the door.


Now you would think, when you tell a parent they will be without their children for an entire week it would mean a time to do all the shit you do not normally get to do with children.

Nope. Not here.

In years past I would have eaten out every night, met up with friends that I usually unable to meet up with because… kids. But nope, not this year. I just wanted to spend a week in my own space with some quiet.  Did I mention, my husband works evenings. I’m not joking when I said I had the place to myself for an entire week.

But, in typical Jenna fashion, instead of going out and living it up as 34 year old without kids… I tackled some cleaning projects I have been wanting to do. Hashtag, old lady status.


I ate French bread pizzas and they were delicious. French bread pizzas are probably one of my favorite frozen meals and I do not get to enjoy them as much as I would really like to.

The first day (or probably the second, I enjoyed a completely quiet and responsibility-free first night I am sure). I tackled the upstairs freezer. Because of kids.

The next day, I tackled the bathroom closet. I’m always bad at remembering to take the before pictures. But I can promise you this shit was a disaster. Couldn’t find a damn thing.

And last, but not least. Which was not on my list but after I discovered how ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING it was… my son’s room.


I won’t even get into how disgusting my son’s room is. I get it, he’s almost a teenager, but I was actually surprised at how gross it was. I am actually embarrassed for how gross it was considering he just had friends over last week. And he will be plenty mad at me when he actually sees how clean it is… only because of all the shit I ended up throwing away. Sorry kid, maybe you should have cleaned your room all these weeks I barked at you to do it.

Overall, it was a good week. I ended up working late two of the days so it worked out that the kids were not home. But I felt like I had both a productive and relaxing week. It was wonderful to leave and come home to dishes in the sink or dryer, let me tell you…

They are back now and I did miss them. Camp has started. So life is back to being too loud when I walk in the door.

Parents, if you’re blessed with an extended period of time, kid-free, what do you do with that time?



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