The Police Cannot Fix Poor Parenting

My job is kind of like fight club.

First rule of fight club is you can’t talk about fight club.

And the second rule of fight club, you can’t talk about fight club.

Get where I’m going here – I cannot really talk about my job as a Police Dispatcher. ESPECIALLY on the internets. If I could only tell you just a fraction of the stories I try to keep floating around in my head for when I am a legit old lady and need something to keep me entertained.

To clarify it is not like NYPD, Law & Order, CIS, Chicago Blue or even that Bob awful show, 9-1-1  that debuted this year – I hope it was canceled.

Without walking into a Communications center, you could not even imagine what it really is like. It is nowhere near as exciting as a television show or movie depicts.

Every dispatcher, regardless of whether it is Fire, Police or EMS has a pet peeve type of call. Ask any dispatcher you come in contact with and they will tell you the calls they HATE to get. Not the actual emergency ones like, “my kid is at the bottom of the pool,” or “I came home and found my husband shot himself”. Those calls will leave a mark on you.

No, I am talking about the calls that really get their blood boiling.


True story.

Like, my kid won’t get up and go to school. OR, my kid is refusing to do his chores. OR, my kid won’t listen to me.

If boiling your blood was possible, those calls do just that, for me.

Like, let me get this straight your 16-year old son is refusing to listen to you and you think all of a sudden that is going to happen just because you ask. Your 16-year old who now towers over you. The same 16-year old who was 8-9 once and you thought it was cute when he protested putting his laundry away…. that kid?

The kid who you never taught how to set an alarm for school; never made school a priority. But you suddenly want him to just up out of bed and go to school?

This is the kid who for years you knew was taking your stuff and selling it for money and you never wanted him arrested. But you thought it would be okay to let him move back in and thought everything would magically be okay.

Can someone please explain the logic to me? Maybe I am missing something.

My parents say I am “too tough”. Maybe that is why I do not understand this logic of letting your kid do whatever you want for 10, 12, 16 years and then one day waking up and thinking they’re just going to do whatever you say.

I get it. As a parent, it is easier to say yes, than no. It is easier to do the thing yourself instead of trying to convince your kid it is something they should be doing… But if you’re a parent, you have to do the hard thing. You have to teach your kid respect for not only others but yourself. You have to teach your kid to clean up after themselves. You HAVE TO DO THE HARD THING when they are little and cute – when it’s REALLY HARD.

Trust me, you will thank yourself later when your kid wakes up for school on his own. Or does not run away because she feels like she is above doing chores.  And if you do not want to do the hard thing for the easier things in life please do not expect the Police to fix your lack of parenting. It’s just another shitty move on your part as a parent; good job for making your kid afraid of the police because you refused to make them pick up a broom and dustpan.


Photo by Praveesh Palakeel on Unsplash

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