From YouTube to IGTV

Anyone finding this, and actually reading it, already knows what Booktube is.

For those that do not, it is where people talk about books on YouTube.

This blew my mind three years ago. People are actually online, in videos, talking about the books they have read… are going to read… want to read?!

Mind. Blown.

Three years ago I jumped on the bandwagon. I started up my channel, purchased a lowgrade HD camcorder, editing software, tripod and I went to work – reading and recording. I was reading like a maniac; uploading content several times a week. I was putting in work. I was so proud of myself. I loved the editing process especially.

Talking into the camera really helped me find my voice off screen. I became my confident with what I was saying.

Then I noticed it. The people who I befriended and started their channels around the same time I did were doing significantly “better” than I was. They were befriending more people, their viewership and followers were steadily creeping towards the thousand mark.

Three years after I started, when I decided to delete my page I had 200ish followers.

And I know it is not about the numbers, but three years of work I put into this thing and all I had was 200 people that did not even engage in what I was saying about anything. It was incredibly discouraging. I am still not sure what I was doing “wrong”. I know for sure I was not reading a lot (if any) YA or Fantasy which are BIG in the Booktube world.

I deleted my channel. Deleted my corresponding Instagram page. I was so done.

Six, seven months after my “cleanse” I got the itch again. I wanted to read again, I wanted to share my thoughts. I hopped back onto the youtube only to find most of the people I spent several years following were no longer making content. Even more so I could not even find a lot of the channels I enjoyed watching. Guess I was not along in my abrupt uprooting?

Now the question, do I want to start all over again?

I found it hard enough the first time to find “grown-ups” on YouTube making bookish videos.

img_8969But I decided to give it a go – for old times sake. I found an online video editor (because, Chromebook), purchased a plan, recorded a video, edited and uploaded. Then deleted it because my mother did not like that I called “some of my coworkers assholes”. And she suggested that I edit that part out. If she only knew how long it took to edit it in the first place – so much work goes into a video. Even a lowgrade one.

A month later I am sitting here waiting for my editing plan to renew to find out no, I did not order that type of plan. I paid for a plan that is good for a year and gives you 20 minutes of publishing time total. 20 minutes FOR THE YEAR. C’mon.

I end up emailing the company asking if I wanted to upgrade to an actual plan could I just pay the difference… Nope. Insert bullshit excuse, unfortunately, no, I would have to pay full price for the upgraded plan.

This mess up is mostly on me, I did not clarify what I was purchasing but this hiccup has had me re-evaluating what I am trying to do here. I already spent wasted $30.  Did I want to spend another $60 on something I was not sure about? I could do the monthly plan at $10/month but I’m trying to lower my bills, not increase them, one. And secondly, if I actually stick with this thing, a year from now I would have spent $120 when I could have saved that extra $60 and just pre-paid for the year.

Enter IGTV. Instagram’s competition to YouTube. Also, there are Instagram stories…

I have noticed that a lot of the things being done on Instagram is what people were doing with YouTube. I have seen the booktubers I follow tend to be way more active on Instagram; even with their hauls, currently reading, etc… it is just more convenient. You can do everything on your phone.

It is almost a no-brainer.

I still have my FOUR MINUTES left on the plan I did purchase… it is good for the year. I can squeeze one YouTube out of those four minutes.

In the meantime, I am going to give Instagram/IGTV my full attention to yes, replace my would-be activity on YouTube. The saying is to work smarter, not harder, right?

Wish me luck!


Cover photo:  Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash

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