An American Marriage | REVIEW

I can not tell you the last book that I had in a physical copy that I actually carried around with me to read. I never carry physical copies of books with me, especially to work. It may or may not have had something to do with it being overdue but that is somewhat beside the point.

I enjoyed this book.

I was hesitating about it because it had been selected for Oprah’s 2018 Book Club. I am not an Oprah fan (sorry, not sorry) and I do not think that everything she touches turns to gold. So I honestly thought there was a lot of unwarranted hype around this book. I was so convinced of this that when I tried to read this book earlier in the year I did not get very far.

img_8825I am glad I was wrong.

The writing was beautiful and engaging. And there was no illusion about marriage and relationships in this one. The author kept it very REAL. A marriage can be magic but usually, it is just a lot of hard work.

The story of Celestial and Roy is loving and heartbreaking. I definitely spent all 300ish pages wondering will they or won’t they goddamnit!

Celestial and Roy are a newlywed couple; married only a year when Roy is charged and convicted of a crime that gets him sentenced to jail for 12-years.

Before a jail sentence separated the couple they already seemed to be on rocky ground. Roy wanting a child, Celestial not sure if she did. Both focusing on Celestial’s aspiring business. Hints were dropped that maybe Roy had not been the most faithful husband (IN THEIR ONE YEAR OF MARRIAGE!) while Celestial stood by being the “good wife”.

Throughout the book, we not only follow Celestial and Roy’s relationship but we see the relationships between both of their parents. We get to see how different relationships worked or did not work. How love can stand the test of time but it does not come easy or without fault.

Love cannot be forced or wished. Love is work. Love is communication. Love is comprise. Love is understanding. Love changes.

Goodreads : An American Marriage

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