Buy Yourself The Damn Flowers!

I remember being the girl telling my (now) husband that flowers are stupid.

Don’t waste your money on them – they just die.

I was also the girl who was super excited when her husband sent her flowers to her job on Valentine’s Day one year.

Yeah, I know. Women are complicated as fuck.

The other day, on the internets, a very lovely woman I follow on Instagram posted how she bought her own flowers. I remember thinking, you go girl! Buy your own damn flowers. Who needs a man, or an occasion to buy some flowers.

Then I went grocery shopping and saw these gorgeous sunflowers.

Flowers were not on the list. Flowers will die. Flowers are stupid. I kept it moving.

But I kept thinking about those flowers.

Then I was scrolling my YouTube subscriptions and there was a video from a woman encouraging women to buy themselves flowers. Saying that we have earned them and it is part of self-care. And why the hell not?!

So I went back and got the damn flowers. I probably spent much longer than was really necessary for $8 flowers to try and find the “perfect” bundle.



After I digging a vase out of storage in the basement, it was probably a few of the calmest seconds of my day. Filling the vase with water, cutting the stems and watching the flowers hang where they may.

It is a nice way to go into a new week.

It’s a wonderful visual when I walk through my kitchen that I got this. 

So ladies, buy yourself some flowers. 

I’m not entirely sure why it took me so long to get this simple idea through my head. I am the queen of hating Hallmark holidays because I never understood why you would wait for the calendar to tell you to celebrate someone special in your life…

You deserve it. Life can get pretty hard and overwhelming sometimes. You do not need to wait for a man (or anyone else) to acknowledge that you’re hanging in there and doing the damn thing.


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