Evolution of Parenting

img_87871One day I was a young mom with young kids, and now I’m a young mom with older kids.

I had my son when I was 21 years old, and my daughter when I was 24.

Age never really occurred to me all these years; theirs or my own. I have been too busy raising them.

Diaper bags, pack and plays, toys and hand holding is no longer required. Gone are the days of play dates and car seats.

Today, the kids make their own plans to “hang out”. Rooms full of toys have been replaced with iPods and gaming systems. I can no longer pick out their clothes. Shopping for clothes requires bringing said child with me.

These changes have been happening over the years but only recently have I really noticed how “big” my kids really are. I watch little kids throwing tantrums, along with their stressed-out mothers. The young families trying to juggle multiple kids and park the stroller all before the start of a show at the museum. Then there are the parents trying to engage their kids in whatever activity they are doing when the kids clearly do not want to be bothered with anything educational.

Here I come with my two kids, we stroll into the museum theatre effortlessly. My kids run off to the exhibits they find interesting and read the plaques themselves – bypassing the boring ones, and I let them.

I am sure the families with older kids were always around but I was so focused on trying to get the stroller parked that I never noticed them. But I am sure they noticed us and thought, like I do now, THANK GOD.

This is not a post about how I want another baby. It is actually quite the opposite. I am so glad I do not have babies, or kids younger than my own right now. I have no desire to go backward. I look forward to furthering the independence of my kids.

As my kids got older and the things that stressed me out changed and I was always told, bigger kid, bigger problemslittle kids, little problems. 


I look back at them as little-little kids with fondness. And I know in a few more years I will look back at this time of their life with fondness. But I am so glad they are growing up.

If you’re a parent, what stage of parenting are you in? Are you enjoying it? Would you go back if you could?

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