img_8589What is your definition of vacation?

Just curious.

My definition is a period of time that I am off from work for more than two days in a row where I can relax and/or get things done that I would not normally get done working 40 hours a week.

Google says it is an “extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling”.

Now, what is your definition of a family vacation?

Time off spent with family, right?

Does it mean scheduling every moment of your time away with things to do; from sun up till sundown?

My definition does not include that. My definition of a family vacation is pretty similar to my definition of vacation just, with family.  RELAXING. It’s been a long (school) year.

Everyone else’s undefined definition of vacation is scheduling all of the things for every moment of the day.

Want to know why people need a vacation from their vacation? Because they are doing ALL OF THE THINGS. If I need a vacation from my vacation, I don’t want a vacation – just the way I feel about it. I’ll just stay home and work and manage a household. img_8510

I spend all my time normally doing ALL OF THE THINGS that entails running a household as efficiently as possible.

I make sure everyone has the things they need; everything is put away. So I really do not want to spend time away from home asking what time we are doing what and still making sure everyone is out the door when we need to be.

I know we are fortunate to have vacation time and to be able to go away. And I enjoyed watching the kids have a good time with their cousins. But family vacations are not relaxing. They are just extensions of everyday life without the comfort of being home. And this was the first year that I thought of it that way and for the first time, I did not come home exhausted. I was not rested either. I was pretty indifferent about the whole thing.

The only reading I got done was on the drive home. Whenever I sat down to read while the kids were swimming, someone sat down to talk to me.

The night we got home I walked in the door, put laundry in and unloaded the dishwasher. Ushered the kids into their bedtime routine and argued with my son over the fact he could wait until the next day to play Fortnite.

The next day, I woke up and went to the gym for two hours then the grocery store and I made dinner.

The day after that, I woke up, went to get the accumulated mail that was being held, washed the car, cleaned the house, made dinner for the next few nights and then went to work until almost midnight.

Want to know what the rest of my family did – relaxed. They laid around, playing Fortnite, watching youtube. They are now on vacation while I am back at work.

Did I ever really leave work?

I try really hard to enjoy these vacations, I do. But I end up just feeling exhausted by the time they’re over. Maybe because of the disappointment that sets in.

The drive on the beach to see the sunrise that was supposed to happen but didn’t because that part of the beach wasn’t going to be open and it’s a long drive to the other beach so we can watch it from the balcony which turned into me sitting on the beach by myself watching the sunrise.

But when asked, yes, I had a great time (doing what everyone else wanted to do for a week). It’s really pretty, we love it down there; the kids had a great time.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Here is the proof that everyone had a great time too.



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