Reading vs Cellphone Use

ereaderphoneOne thing that has always bothered me was how cell phone usage is deemed acceptable but my reading is not.

Like, if I was one of those people who could read on my cellphone no one would have a problem with me staring at my phone. But since I am not one of those people, I take out my e-reader and suddenly I’m the one being anti-social. Honestly, what is the difference?

The case, and point:

This past Christmas. I was sitting at my in-law’s house. All the kids were playing and all the adults were sitting in the living room, barely speaking to one another, on their phones. Image result for sigh gif

So I take out my Kindle and not even ten minutes later I have a friend of my in-laws saying something to me about reading. Really bro?

I ask him if there is a problem and he asks me why I am reading. And then proceed to ask him what is the difference between me sitting here, reading, while everyone else is NOT engaged in a conversation and on their phones.

He had no answer for me.

It also happens at work. I am fortunate to have a job that when there is a downtime we can watch television (and occasionally use the restroom). I don’t really watch much television in general, so when I am at work and there is downtime I will pull out my Kindle. And all the questions follow, even though this is nothing new. It would be acceptable for me to be on my phone, or watch television, for some reason.

I too have a fancy phone that I could stare at (and do) for hours when bored, but for some reason when a group of people is together I hate it when EVERYONE IS SITTING THERE ON THEIR PHONES. Not talking, not interacting just all staring at their phones.

So if you feel it’s appropriate it whip out your phone and check your Facebook then I feel its okay to catch up on my reading.


Do you have any social pet peeves, if so, what are they?

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