Thankful for my Parents

As an adult, when was the last time you thanked your parents for something?

One, or both, seriously. As an adult, have you thanked your parents lately?

I thanked my parents just the other day. The intern saga continues…

Not only is she young enough to be naive enough to think that what your professors tell her is gospel but this child (yes, I said and meant child) could not show up to “work” on time… Not one, but two days in a row after my previous posts.

I know, this is not an actual job for her. She is not getting paid in dollar bills but this internship is important. She needs it to actually get her diploma.

She already walked across the graduation stage in May but she will not get that piece of paper until she completes this 120 hours of interning. Which equals eight hours a day for the next three weeks.

She will not make it two more weeks at this rate.

The brass (management) that oversees the interns is my actual direct boss and he already told her if she is late again she is done.

Now, my shift starts so late I would have had no idea this girl was as late, period, let alone that she was late as she was if someone did not tell me.

I am not sure what her excuse for being late to my boss was, but when asked without the boss around she said she overslept.


And to boot, I was told after being late she strolled into the station with Starbucks. And when thought it was okay to just stay a half hour later because she came in a half hour late.

That is like Adulting 101. You’re late? You leave the Starbucks in the car and don’t count on being able to stay late – in the real world that might mean that your paycheck is a half hour short boo boo.

The second day, she supposedly had car trouble. (The second day is when she got chewed out by my boss). But that car had NOOOO trouble when she left on her break and went to Starbucks.

Do you see where I am going with this?

This is someone who is about to go out into the world ill-prepared.  Yes, she may earn a degree that shows she learned something but she is not prepared for the real world.

I am also aware these are things that are learned through trial and error. This is the time for these lessons for her. She is lucky she is learning them now while she is not getting paid and she is not counting on money from this job to pay the bills.

So this week, I thanked my parents. Not because they single-handedly taught me these lessons but became they taught me to get up and work for the things that I want and that are important. Regardless of whether I actually want to do them or not. (Trust me there are a lot of days I do not want to get up and go to work; a lot of days lately I just want to stay home and be a mom)

I have been working since I was 16 years old and it never really bothered me. I wanted to drive, my parents said I would have to pay for my own insurance… so, I had to work. Makes sense. My sister, she has been working since she was 14 years old.

Our parents taught us about getting up and going to work. Our parents were training us to become responsible adults. Who would have known?

I am not sitting up here on my high horse saying that I never did anything wrong, trust me I did PLENTLY wrong – just ask my mother, she loves to remind me of all the things I did wrong as a teenager.

But, showing up a half hour late to work, two days in a row was never one of those things. In the almost 20-years of employment I have under my belt I have maybe been actually late twice. I have been working full-time since graduating high school; while earning two degrees, becoming a mother for the first time and a wife.

So again, thank you mom and dad for the lessons you did not realize you were teaching me. Thank you for making my pay for my own car insurance.

Are there any lessons you think your parents taught you without their knowledge? If so, what are they. 

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