How do you deal with overachievers?

I want to say an overachiever is is not annoying. But I have yet to meet one that is not annoying. Like obnoxiously annoying.

Are all overachievers one-uppers? I feel like that is a personality requirement.

I went to sleep early last night.

I went to sleep early last night too, but this really funny thing happened….

Because your going to sleep early is automatically better than my going to sleep early?

Please do not take this the wrong way. I have nothing against those people who want to better themselves. Those people who reach for the stars. I applaud those people.

The people I am talking about are the ones who go ABOVE AND BEYOND to show that they are right; they are useful; they know what they are doing. These are the people that cry when someone does not ask them for help. These are the people who interrupt someone else’s conversation to add their viewpoint.

Those are the people that I am talking about.

Personally, my personality wants me to just get things done… correctly.

I do not need to be the first, or the best. It does not even need to be pretty. But to me, it has to be done correctly.

I personally think actions speak louder than words. If you have to keep telling people how amazing and useful you are – you’re not.


I have A LOT of overachievers in my life. A lot of them are my co-workers. But there is one that DRIVES. ME. UP. A. WALL.

I just can not understand it. I do not understand who this person is CONSTANTLY trying to impress.

I understand the google results I received, we all have different lifestyles and personalities. But, oh. my. god.

I get it – “you’re better than me for a,b,c reasons”, you know what you’re doing. Now SHUT UP. Just SHUT UP.




My father tells me everyone in your life is here to teach you something. What this person’s role in my life is I am not sure. I cannot imagine what they’re in my life to teach me other than what I DO NOT want to be.

I try placating to their personality – they want to talk and show off, have at it.

They want to be in charge, go ahead.

But I am really reaching my breaking point….

I am curious how other people deal with this kind of person, or persons, in their lives.

Image result for shut up shut up shut up gif

    1. I think she expressed herself very clearly. I am starting to think she is an overachiever, as I am an overachiever and do not have my own blog lol…oh wait, yes I do and it’s better. I am just joking of course. Sounds like the sister just needs to find a different job if she can’t figure out how to work with the person. It is not easy being an overachiever at all. It’s a constant internal struggle that this sister has no idea about…obviously. If she had the slightest idea of how hard it is to be an overachiever she would bend and morph to help and not criticize. But everyone is different.


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