The End.

After four years of totting the boy all over the county for soccer games, this weekend marked the end for his team.

I was sadder than I expected myself to be.

Anytime it was raining and practice was canceled I was grateful. I prayed some weekends for a tsunami or freak blizzard so I did not have to sit through a soccer game.

But this Sunday, I looked forward to this game and was sad to see it end.

Maybe because I knew it was the end. But it was bittersweet that they ended their time together with a win.

Thing 1 has been on this travel team since he was eight years old. He played the last four years with mostly the same group of boys so I have been able to watch them grow up. From a group of little boys that had no idea what they were doing to a group of young men that were starting to look like professionals on the field.

From cringe-worthy games that were hard to watch to excited parents on the sideline.

I will probably never forget the time I saw Thing 1 made a goal. He was not given the opportunity often because of the positions he played but I remember being so excited for him. I remember almost crying. I remember thinking I broke my phone because it went flying off my lap when I jumped up in excitement.


At this point, we are not sure what is next for Thing 1 regarding soccer. He tried out for the next team up (the team he should have been on since the beginning, four years ago) but rumor has it that team disbanded as well. Thing 1 has decided he definitely wants to play for the school again in the Fall. But otherwise, he will probably go back to playing Rec for the Town.

He’s been playing since he was six years old; I’m not sure what we would do at this point without soccers on the weekend.

Overall, we are okay with him going back to Rec. I think we all enjoyed the competition of Travel, but the parents and commitment could be brutal. Sports parents are the worst.

Unlike most parents at this level, I am not expecting Thing 1 to compete in the World Cup one day, or to even attend college on a soccer scholarship. I just want him to have something to do during the week does not include a video game console. And most importantly, I want him to have fun.

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