Sunday Sensations

I spent an hour in front of this stupid screenwriting out an entry. And as I was reading it over for errors and consistency…

Ctrl + A

Backspace (because I am using my husband’s old Chromebook and I guess they do not believe in delete buttons?)

That is how this week has been for me. Except I did that action on purpose.

Exhausted and I’m just over it.

While work has not been overall bad, it was just a long week due to a new computer system being implemented and people not listening when I try and explain how it works for them.

I never hit my Stand goal during the week FYI

Pizza and ice cream accounted for most of the meals I ate at work. McDonald’s or takeout for dinner all week.

One workout all week.

No laundry was done. Nothing was cleaned. There was not even a to-do list this week.

And all of this carried into my husband’s birthday weekend in which we spent Saturday night in Albany and caused us to not get home until 1AM. Which was the day after I worked until 4 in the morning.

I could try and expand on how I feel about this week and why but I am sure someone will just come along and tell me how their week was worse.

I can only promise to try and do better next week to make up for this one.

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