A job, not a career.

I have a job, not a career.

So it is really hard for someone with a career to understand the difference.

My husband, has a career.

My husband is on the board for his local union and has spent the last few months in contract negotiations. One of the proposals from his employer was to get rid of vacation weeks. Some of the more senior workers were very upset about this. My husband said he understood their positions but said he was trying to get additional money in place of the lost vacation weeks. He was not understanding why these guys were still upset over it.

I tried explaining to my husband that at some point, time is more important than money.

Again, my husband said he understood. Adding that work is not that bad. (Insert eye roll)

Dear husband, not everyone loves their jobs. Not everyone has options to advance. For some of us, this is as good as it gets.

I have been dispatching for almost 12 years.

Nothing has changed in 12 years. I am doing the exact same job I was then as I am now. There is nothing for me to advance to. This. Is. It.

So if you tell me I am going to lose time-off I will be pissed.

Yes, the additional money would be nice but I value my time off now more than more money. You can always make more money somewhere… but getting more PAID time off…

You can never get time back.

My husband is the type to ONLY TAKE OFF when he has something to do. He won’t ever just take a day off for mental health reasons. Or take a day off to get something done around the house. (You know like all the things he keeps saying he’s going to do but never ends up happening) But then he will “complain” that there is no time, or he can’t get it done because he gets home when everyone is sleeping. And then says he still has x-amount of weeks of vacation time to use this year. (Mines is all accounted for, FYI).

So, no, he does not understand. Despite his claims.

I on the other hand will take time off of work because I have nothing else to do. My life is filled so many obligations that I’d rather not be doing. So let there be some time that is not filled with something else and no one else needs me for something and I will take it off, for me. Or to just have uninterrupted home time with the kids.

When you have a career (I think) you enjoy getting up and going to work. Somewhere along the line you are aspiring to something.

Relatively speaking, I am aware I am still young (enough). I hope to one day have a career. Something I am passionate about. Something I can grow from. But right now my JOB is paying the bills. So I will go to my JOB and take all the time off that I need. Because I need something to look forward to.

Do you have a job or career? 

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